Training courseESL&NFE non formal education to fight early school leaving

Location:  Centre of Italy, Italy

Dates: 14-19 May 2018

Number of participants: 30

Participating countries: Estonia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia

Organizer: NGO “Nectarus” and project partners 

Apply here: application form

Deadline to apply: 9 March 2018

Date Of Selection: 15 March 2018

Inquiries about this training course: Nerijus Kriauciunas at


According to the Programme Erasmus+, travel costs are covered up to the maximum amount defined on the base of the kilometric distance from sending organisation town to the project place, following EU Distance Calculator: 275€ – Cyprus, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Slovak Republic, Netherlands. There is no travel cost reimbursement for participants from Italy. Food and accomodation is covered by the funding of Erasmus + Programme. There isn’t participation fee from participants. 

ESL&NFE non formal education to fight early school leaving

ESL&NFE is a TC for 22 youth workers and educators to equip them with knowledge, tools, methodologies regarding how to support the processes of responsible choice that young people can make, career guidance, prevention of leaving school early.

ESL&NFE is a training course for 22 youth workers and youth leaders to equip them with knowledge tools methodologies regarding how to support the processes of responsible choice that young people can make, career guidance, prevention of leaving school early.

In fact the phenomenon of early school leaving is still an issue for a lot of country in Europe, it’s a phenomenon so important to become one of the main goals of Lisbon’s Strategy Europe 2020, until this date Europe aims to reduce early school leaving below 10%. The phenomenon can’t be contrasted only by the school and in the school, but the experts agree to recognize non formal education a primary role, because they recognize that the training success about a youngester depends on the multiple occasions of learning that he or she lives, and since for these young people the school is often occasion of frustration and isolation, it becomes very important to use non formal education to generate awareness, self- esteem and learnings.

It’s for this that we have decided to build this TC with which to train the youth workers so that they can acquire tools and metodologies knowledge necessaries to support their work with young people at risk of failure at school. In particolar with this TC the partnership wants to equip the youth workers with tools and metodologies that can stimulate in the person both the processes of self guidance in the scholastic professional field, and towards the path of the life ( education for the responsible choice), both cultural and mental change processes.

In fact to start a path of sensibilization, support , analysis of the self, of metacognition about their talents and passions, on to be able to listen to him or her self and to be able to make a responsible choice, it is surely the first instrument against the early school leaving.

So this TC is focused on the following objecteves: 
1) to offer a solid framework of the phenomenon on the early school leaving at european level: what reasons determined it, the consequencies, how it manifests itself in Europe, and the knowledge of the main stackeholders involved.

2) To acquire tools and methodologies on career guidance, the process through which the person develops competences and reaches tools, that facilitate a critical position on the reality that surrounds Young people, to be able to make more responsible choices.

3) To fight school failure, without understimating the issues such as self marginalization, a sense of rejection from others, disapproval by family and teachers;

4) to offer participants a space to build networks and synergies at european level to realize new projects in the framework of Erasmus + and last but not least to build further opportunities to work.

Activities and work methods: work group, dicussions and exchange of opinions and good practaces with other colleagues, esxperts in the youth fields in a stimulating international context; storytelling, methodologies and tools based on narrative career guidance; workshop in a high school, intercultural learning, project drafting, excursions in the territory. All the activities will be supported by trainers and a staff specialized in non formal education.

The main results of this project are:
1) promotion and dissemination of innovative tools and methodologies on career guidance, responsible choice and early school leaving in the youth field;

2) to boost in the participants the capacity to design new non formal tools, methodologies to combact early school leaving;

3) strengthening of project skills, the development of analysis and synthesis, facilitation of working in groups with people with different skills to build integrated networks and projects into the framework of the Erasmus +.

4) intercultural skills

5) increase awareness of the potential of non-formal education in the field of learning;

6) improving the interpersonal and communication skills, also in English.

The partnership expects from this TC a certain number of projects on this topics bot at local and at international level, that will bring at medium term reducing the percentage of early school leaving of young people in the local communities where youth workers are involved, and at the same time at european level. The partnership expects also to continue to boost the cooperation among organizations and youth workers on this topics through the creation of the other projects in the framework of Erasmus + where involving other european partners and trainers.


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