Training course: European Cooperation for Refugees (ECR)

Location: İzmir, Turkey

Dates: 4-13 May 2018

Number of participants: 4

Participating countries: Bulgaria, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovak Republic

Organizer: Pi Youth Association

Apply here: Application form

Deadline to apply: 20 April 2018

Date Of Selection: 25 April 2018

Inquiries about this training course: Mr. Mert Güzelkasap at


Country Participants Travel Budget Limit*
Bulgaria 4 Participants 275 Euro
Hungary 4 Participants 275 Euro
Italy 4 Participants 275 Euro
Lithuania 4 Participants 275 Euro
Macedonia 4 Participants 275 Euro
Poland 4 Participants 275 Euro
Romania 4 Participants 275 Euro
Slovakia 4 Participants 275 Euro

*Travel Limit for one participant and round trip

All participants can get reimbursement for their travel cost untill countries limit. If you spend less than your limit can getback only %100 of your travel cost according travel invoice.
We will pay 100% your accommodation and 3 meals during the project for İzmir.

There is participation fee for this project. Its 35 Euro per participant.

European Cooperation for Refugees (ECR)


Our TC aims to make young people aware of the social activities of Turkish and European youth workers of Syrian young refugees and to create a social impact in the youth field.

The project will be based on youth and migration. The project will provide young leaders with a basic knowledge of migration in order to help them understand the processes behind this phenomenon and, by this means, enable them to see the connection between the European emigration of the 19th and 20th centuries and immigration taking place today. The project also aims to fight xenophobia between cultures. Every society should be aware of it – the problem of integration of migrants and especially of young people who belong to the migrant community. Youth work and youth organizations should become important contributors in integration and intercultural dialogue work in order to create favorable conditions for cultural diversity. Migration is changing social structures of European countries it is a crucial issue that youth and non-governmental organizations working with minorities have to face in their daily work in order to create cohesive societies based on mutual tolerance and respect.

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Training course: European Cooperation for Refugees (ECR) – Turkey –

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