Training course: Four winds

Location:  Litija, Slovenia

Dates: 30 May – 4 June 2020

Number of participants: 22

Participating countries: Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries  ,Other countries in the world , Partner Countries Neighbouring the EU

Apply here:  application form 

Organizer: Association Lojtra

Deadline to apply: 15 March 2020

Date of Selection: 20 March  2020

Inquiries about this training course:


Participation fee

50 eur – 100 eur (unemployed, students), 100-150 eur (employed). The application is open until the 15th of March, in case of too many applications, we will do a selection of participants representing various walks of lives and coming from various places. We will let you know on the selection by the 20th of March and you will be asked to cover the participation fee, which is the final confirmation of your participation.

Accommodation and food

The food, accommodation and programme are covered.

Accommodation will be possible in a bigger shared room or in tents (we have tents to lend for free) We will be staying in nature, but there are facilities on the location (a big kitchen, 3 toilets, 2 showers, a lots of covered places to work at in case of rain). You will receive the logistical details and the address of the venue upon confirmation of the participation.

The food provided will be vegetarian, freshly prepared from mainly local ingredients from a nearby farm, cooked for us by our kitchen magicians.

Travel reimbursement

Travel costs are paid by the participants themselves, we can support you in finding the best option to travel.

Four winds

The training will invite us to explore the relationship to ourselves and the world around us by working on the four levels of awareness – emotional, cognitive, physical and spiritual. Nature will be our support and guide.

For whom?

The training is open to participants around the world, who would like to:

Explore and nurture their deep connection with themselves and everything that surrounds them,

Get to know various nature-based approaches to support the personal and group processes,

Learn about the Four winds methodology and symbolism,

Participate in an embodied and experiential methodology process,

Share their story and experience.


Through a 5 day training we will be experimenting with the four levels and their symbolism (water, earth, fire, air; spiritual, physical, cognitive, emotional; winter, autumn, spring, summer; …). We will be connecting with each of the four levels through different channels/methods – music, dance, theatre, gardening, nonviolent communication, medicine walks, …. The process and reflection will be supported by the coaching and art of hosting methodologies. The main aim is to build connection and appreciation with everything around us, learn to live together and then, with the support of a forest medicine walk, seek guidance in nature for a future which can support us in carrying the burden for a better tomorrow, for everyone. We will cocreate the training with guest trainers, who are experts in different methodologies (embodied dance, nonviolent communication, theatre…).

The story behind this training

The Four winds project represents the combination of experiential, non-formal, embodied, peer-to-peer trainings in the natural environment, which is a result of 5-years of work, experimenting with various nature-based approaches; and creation of cards with diverse activities.

(the participants will receive a set of cards on the training).

In the next days, we will share a link to the blog post, which tells the story behind more in depth.