Training Course: Games for Trainers

Location: Torino – Alps, Italy

Dates: 18-24 October 2019

Number of participants: 24 participants

Participating countries: Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey

Organizer: Associazione Eufemia

Apply here: Application form

Deadline to apply: 26 August 2019

Date of selection: 2 September 2019

Inquiries about this project: Ilaria Mardocco at

Costs: Training Course is co-funded by Erasmus+:

  • 100% accommodation, food and program materials are free, covered by the grant from Erasmus+
  • traveling costs are covered, up to the maximum expenses:
    • €0 / participants from Italy;
    • €275 / participants from Slovenia, Romania, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic.
    • €360 + visa costs up to 90 € / participants from Turkey
  • The course foresees a non-refundable participation bond of 30€ to be paid by bank transfer after selection and an on-the-spot participation fee – to be paid in cash – on a sliding scale from 20€ to 70€. Participants will be free to choose their contribution according to their own personal financial possibilities and the value they see in 6 days training programme.

Training Course – Games for Trainers

Download infopack here: Training Course – Games for Trainers – Italy –

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This Training Course aims at providing Youth Workers, Trainers & Educators with basic elements of Gamification in Education, Digital Youth Work and Digital Literacy as well as tools to evaluate and improve Quality of Youth Work.
Games of Trainers is a 6 days European multilateral training course for youth workers, trainers and educators.

This Training Course aims to explore basic elements of gamification in education as well as digital youth work and digital literacy. The TC will provide participants with the necessary competences to include gaming actions and digital tools in their daily youth work practice. During the TC there will be also the occasion to reflect on quality and effectiveness of youth work through innovative evaluation methods.

We are looking for trainers, youth workers and educators motivated and interested in youth work, and who are committed to developing their own practice. The training course will also provide an opportunity to build relationships and to help youth workers to network with youth work practitioners from across Europe.


Non formal education methods, as well as sharing and experiential learning, will be the preferred techniques. Some sessions will be worked in small groups and participants will have the opportunity to share experiences and best practices.

The game, in all its aspects, will be the fil rouge of the activities throughout the whole program.

ETS Competence Model for Trainers and Youth Workers will be introduced as tools for reflection and evaluation of the impact of Youth Work.

Why this Training?

  • to get more involvement of young people through innovative methodologies
  • to raise awareness on how to recognize learning needs of young people
  • to develop and empower programs and educational tools, at local and international level
  • to develop and empower staff competences, related to non formal methodologies, digital youth work and gamification

Who are we Looking for?

The profile of participants is mirroring some of the criteria agreed with partners:

  • creation of a heterogeneous group, where learning experience can be enriching for all and possibly balanced, also under the gender point of view.
  • youth workers/trainers/educators who work in peripheral areas of their city or working with young people with economic or social obstacles.
  • young people who are approaching youth work and want to deepen their individual competences in the view of a future professional recognition
  • youth workers/trainers/educators with little or no experience in digital youth work or gamification
  • youth workers/trainers/educators who have never experienced so far training courses in the international level


This is not a course for game designers. The course aims to explore games as powerful learning experiences and educational tools.