Training Course: House of Heroes – using counter & alternative narratives against hate speech

Location: Belgium

Dates: 9-18 December 2019

Number of participants: 35

Participating countries: Belgium – DE, Belgium – FL, Belgium – FR, Czech Republic, Finland, Ukraine

Organizer: ROA Community

Apply here: Application form (as well as send us your CV to the address

Deadline to apply: 20 November 2019

Date of selection: 25 November 2019

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Participation fee

Accommodation and food
All the costs related to travel, lodging and catering will be covered by the organising team

Travel reimbursement
The travel-related costs will be reimbursed after the project

House of Heroes – using counter & alternative narratives against hate speech

House of Heroes – using counter & alternative narratives against hate speech – Belgium – Erasmus plus –

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House of Heroes is a multiple-phase project aiming to equip youth workers with the necessary skills to become an advocate and campaigner for human rights using the counter and alternative narratives

Counter and alternative narratives (CANs) combat hate speech by discrediting and deconstructing the narratives on which they are based. They propose (alternative) narratives based on human rights and democratic values, such as openness, respect for difference, freedom and equality.

We will gather youth workers, human rights educators and activists from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Czechia, Finland, Italy, Moldova, North Macedonia, Norway, Spain, Ukraine, France and Belgium to help them leatn about developing and implementing the counter narratives with young people at their organisations.

With this project, we want to address the issue of the Civil Society falling short in delivering the messages to those who are “over the fence” – people not habitually interested in the topics of human rights and democracy.

OBJECTIVES of the project:

-To mainstream the principles of human rights education and education for democratic citizenship (EDC/HRE Charter) in youth work;

-To make a situational analysis of hate speech threads and patterns in Europe and local realities and explore how young people are affected;

-To equip the participants with educational tools to tackle hate speech, discrimination and hostility and involve young people in human rights campaign;

-To support youth workers and human rights educators with methods and techniques on how to use “We CAN” manual in order to make it more accessible to use in youth work;

-To develop CANs both online and offine

-To create follow-up projects and strategies in-line with EDC/HRE Charter contributing the similar aim.