Training Course: In Search of Authenticity

Location: “Jaworowy Dom”, Dolina Baryczy, Poland

Dates: 12-19 November 2019

Number of participants: 24 participants

Participating countries: Bulgaria, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Republic of North Macedonia, Romania, Spain


Apply here: Application form

Deadline to apply: 25 September 2019

Date of selection: 31 October 2019

Inquiries about this project: Marta Skorczynska at

Costs: Training Course is co-funded by Erasmus+:

  • accommodation, food and program materials will be fully covered by the organisers;
  • travel costs will be reimbursed after participants first buy their own tickets. Reimbursements will be done up to the maximum expenses:
    • €20 / participants from Poland;
    • €180 / participants from Lithuania;
    • €275/ participants from Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Italy;
    • €360 / participants from Portugal;
  • No participation fee.

Training Course – In Search of Authenticity

Training Course - In Search of Authenticity - Poland -

Training Course – In Search of Authenticity – Poland –

About the Project

This project aims to provide tools to prevent professional burnout, at the same time, learning on their own example how to use those tools to work with target groups experiencing similar feelings of helplessness and vulnerability.

We invite you to a 7-day training course during which you will work to:

  • recognize your present situation, gain awareness of structures, narrations, roles, expectations, inside and outside of yourself, and deconstructing them;
  • identify your personal core values and attitudes towards the world and people, your authentic motivation;
  • become more aware of your own needs and feelings in a present situations, your values, and become ready to see and hear them in others;
  • connect believes and thoughts with your body in movement;
  • learn more about philosophy and applied drama as tools to dialogue, question, see other perspectives and position your own values and needs in each situation.

Participants will be introduced to applied drama and philosophy as methodologies bringing people closer to their inner core and authentic presence in the world, at the same time reinforcing their curiosity about the world and people, which are important factors in preventing professional burnout. They will be invited to explore different philosophical approaches and own attitudes towards youth work/ community work, and to develop critical thinking against radical ideologies, oppressive systems, as well as empathy against violence.

Venue of the course is located in a village near to nature rather than a city infrastructure, in the Lower Silesia region of Poland. The closest big city is Wrocław. You will be accommodated in shared rooms, with vegetarian and vegan food ONLY. Be prepared for poor connection with Internet – we gather to practice being present with ourselves and the group.

Profile of Participants

This offer of the training is for you if:

  • you experience feelings of frustration, disappointment, anger, resignation, loss of sense, vulnerability, helplessness which influence your motivation to continue professional work;
  • you work with youth or other target groups who come to you with frustration, disappointment, anger, resignation;
  • you are open to try different methods connected with body, voice, nature, drama, and storytelling to reflect on your values, beliefs, needs, feelings, and the communication process;
  • you are a resident in one of the partner countries: Bulgaria, Italy, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain;
  • you feel comfortable to work in English (although many activities will be movement and image based, written and storytelling activities will be possible to do in your own language), and to meet people of different cultures, habits, beliefs;
  • you are willing and have the capacity to do a follow-up event in your sending organisation connected to what knowledge and experience you will bring from the course.