Training course: KINO SORIA

Location: Soria, Spain

Dates: 11-18 November 2018

Number of participants: Over 18 years old participants

Participating countries: Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Georgia, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Spain, Turkey

Organizer: Ayuntamiento de Soria

Apply here: Application form

Deadline to apply: 4 October 2018

Date Of Selection: 11 October 2018

Inquiries about this training course: Belén Andreu at


Participation fee


Accommodation and food

The organization provides, covered by the project, accomodation and food, with vegan option and alimentary intolerances adaptations for all the participants during the week.

Travel reimbursement

This Training is financed by ERASMUS+ Program, and the reimbursement of your travel cost is subject to the following criteria: To be sure you get the reimbursement, please remind to: 1) buy economy fare /most cheap fare tickets (2nd class). 2) keep with you all boarding pass, invoice and tickets (original travel documents…bus, metro or train tickets, boarding passes…), in economy class, with your name on them, the price clearly stated. Trips by private car or taxi cannot be refunded. 3) The travel reimbursement will be effective once we get all the original documents of your travel, which you will have to send by post after the training coruse, so approximately 4 weeks after the project ends. We will cover the participants travel to a maximun of 275€/ participants coming from Czech Republic and Hungary 360€/ participants coming from Romania, Moldova and Turkey 530€/ participants coming from Georgia and Cyprus 820€/ participants coming from Azerbaijan For those participants who need visa (Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey) you have an extra budget of 90€/person to cover visa expenses. If you exceed this limits, the cost of the excess will be covered by yourself.


This activity and venue place are accessible to people with disabilities.

The intention is to learn how to develop video-creation projects aimed at express and project creativity, sensitivity and critical sense, an element that facilitates inclusion, collaboration and conflict resolution in the construction of the cities.

For a week we will do different non-formal education workshops to work on sensitivity, creativity, personal and gender expression and non-violent communication, technical and practical workshops to learn how to deal with audiovisual technology, film language and we will do we will end up creating short films where we will discover and project our vision of city and the creation of the cities of the future. We will take advantage of the celebration of the XX Edition of the International Short Film Festival of Soria to promote this action focused on promoting the social participation and the creation of European citizenship using creativity and art as tools.