Training course: Light Tomorrow with Today

Location: Lithuania

Dates: 14-22 of August 2018

Number of participants: 30

Participating countries: Cyprus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, United Kingdom

Organizer: Kedainiu Klubas

Apply here: write to each country representative about your interest (see below), or fill this application form if you are living in United Kingdom:

  • Italy –
  • Croatia –
  • Cyprus –
  • Czech Republic –,
  • Germany –
  • Latvia –,
  • Poland –
  • Romania –
  • UK –

Deadline to apply: 20 June 2018

Inquiries about this training course: Justinas at


  • this is Erasmus+ funded training course, thus 100% of accommodation, programme, food and traveling is covered up to the limits:
Partner Organization Partner City & Country Venue Travel Costs per pax


Daugirdiškės, Lithuania


Centar za osobni i profesionalni razvoj Syncro – Synergy Croatia Zagreb, Croatia Daugirdiškės, Lithuania


Asociace DICE – Development Initiatives for a Common Europe, z. s. Zlin, Czechia Daugirdiškės, Lithuania


Junge Freunde Europas (Young friends of Europe) Münster, Germany Daugirdiškės, Lithuania


L’Arca Del Blues Lecce, Italy Daugirdiškės, Lithuania


ARTILT-D Daugavpils, Latvia Daugirdiškės, Lithuania


Stowarzyszenie BartQltura Bartoszyce, Poland Daugirdiškės, Lithuania


Support for Youth Development Association Cluj-Napoca, Romania Daugirdiškės, Lithuania


300 London, UK Daugirdiškės, Lithuania


  • UK participants pay a sending and administration fee of £30

Light Tomorrow with Today

This training course is focused on Personal Development & Employability.


The instability of labour markets, rapid changes in the environment and growth in information all mean that the stability that former generations enjoyed no longer applies. ‘The reflexivity that is so characteristic of late modernity, where it is always the individual’s relationship to him- or herself that is the focal point of learning’ (Illeris, 2011, p. 405) means that the most crucial current requirement for education (the ability to be both reflexive and critical) transforms learning as knowledge acquisition.“ Youth workers and youth leaders are seen as the people who can provide a framework for the young people to know themselves better, to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses, to be honest with themselves about real wishes and desires for their future and be brave to take action and follow through. That is the reason why we are willing to propose a training course for youth workers and youth leaders to work on the competencies needed to support the personal development of young people individually and in groups – competencies of individual consultations and facilitation of group work dedicated to personal development.


14-22 of August 2018
14th of August – arrival to Vilnius (until 7pm so as the participants to travel together to the venue).
15-21 – Training days
22nd of August – departure day

Target group

Youth leaders, youth workers working directly with youth; representatives of NGO working in the field of youth and non-formal education.


To assist youth workers and youth leaders in facilitating personal development of young people.


Develop an understanding of personal development and its ties to employability;
Contribute to the personal and professional development of youth workers and youth leaders by creating a space to reflect on their personal traits and work; give and receive feedback from peers;
Improve participants’ competencies to plan, run and evaluate group workshops and individual consultations that empower young people to know themselves better and gain perspective on future development;
Develop an understanding of the importance of reflection in youth work activities and improve participants with the competence of guiding reflection process of young people;
Encourage international cooperation and networking in the field of youth.

Project identification/ contract number: 2018-1-LT02-KA105-005765