Training Course: LTTC InFormal Evolution

Location: Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

Dates: 9-18 May 2020

Number of participants: 35

Participating countries: Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, INDONESIA, KOREA, REPUBLIC OF, PHILIPPINES, Poland, TAIWAN

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Deadline to apply: 26 February 2020

Date of Selection:  5 March 2020

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Participation fee

Each residential activity: two training courses and one seminar have 50 EURO participation fee per activity.

Accommodation and food

For three residential activities, two training courses and one seminar full board and lodging costs (meals, accommodation) are covered by organisers for all participants.

Visa costs will be covered up to 100 euro per visa.

Travel costs will be covered up to the limits described below.

Travel reimbursement

For the activity in Czech Republic the travel costs will be reimbursed up to the following limits:

Czech Republic 0 EUR

Hungary  180. EUR

Poland 180. EUR

Germany  180 EUR

Korea.  900. EUR

Taiwan 900. EUR

Philippines  900. EUR

Indonesia 900. EUR


LTTC Informal Evolution

Download infopack here : Training Course – LTTC Informal Evolution – Czech Republic

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InFormal Evolution is a long-term blended course aiming at the integration of non-formal education approach to the formal system for youth empowerment at local level.

The long-term project “InFormal Evolution”– integration of non-formal education approach to the formal education system for youth empowerment at local level is an attempt to use non-formal education as a tool for youth empowerment in order to address the current issues and to build a stable and productive trans-national co-working platform for educators coming from formal education and youth field (NGOs and other youth authorities).


This project particularly targeting educators, teachers, professors, trainers, community leaders and policy makers in the field of education that often contradict their approaches instead of working for the common goal. NFE is almost always associated with youth work out of curriculum = not-serious. Formal education is often too frontal, too boring and killing initiatives and critical thinking – essential skills of young people. And it seems like there is no middle. With this project we want to bring two systems: formal and non-formal for dialogue, and building sustainable cooperation for the common aim.


To unite efforts of youth workers coming from formal and other youth field backgrounds for youth empowerment at local level by using non-formal education;

To develop competencies of educators in the fields of human rights education, active citizenship, global education and inter-cultural learning

To explore diverse methodologies, approaches and tools and to adjust them to the local youth work and education practice

To build a necessary set of competences for proficient use of NFE instruments and tools for youth empowerment at local level;

To reflect on recognition of youth work in formal schooling

Developing consistency of cross-sectoral and transnational cooperation for  better recognition

To provide the opportunity to assess the quality of NFE activities and youth empowerment process at local level;

To create a network of practitioners, able to adjust diverse/creative methodologies for formal schooling and speak “the same language” with schools educators.