Training course: MIND, BODY & MESSAGE – tools to increase youth worker’s impact

Location:  Alsotold, Hungary

Dates: 13-22 May 2018

Number of participants: 31

Participating countries: Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Turkey

Organizer: Qualitimpact Informal Group

Apply here: Application form

Deadline to apply: 1 May 2018

Date Of Selection: 2 May 2018

Inquiries about this training course: Madlen Nenkova at


1. Travelling costs
They will be reimbursed up to the limit according to the Erasmus + program:
Greece, The Netherlands, Turkey, Italy, Lithuania – 275EUR
The Czech Republic – 175EUR
Hungary – 0EUR
2. Accommodation and Food (3 meals per day) are covered by the project
3. There is a participation fee of 70EUR paid in cash at the registration.

MIND, BODY & MESSAGE – tools to increase youth worker’s impact

MIND is a 10 days training course using the basic synergy method where you will have the possibility to train your awareness skills. Explore more your core values and get aware of your thinking and behavioral patterns.

About the project:

MIND, BODY & MESSAGE builds integrity in NGO communication, improves entrepreneurship of youth workers, supports cross-sectoral networking to create and maintain recognition and support systems for youth work.

MIND, BODY & MESSAGE is a 3 phases training course. Each trains another aspect of entrepreneurship and communication, share tools adaptable to the work with the target groups, staff and network members.

The objectives of MIND, BODY & MESSAGE are:

– to share best practice of training and coaching entrepreneurship of youth;
– to improve communication and entrepreneurship skills of youth workers;
– to build NGO capacities for cross-sectoral networking;
– to raise the recognition of non-formal learning and youth work;
– to encourage the dissemination and the creation of international projects among local youth NGOs within Erasmus+ .


Phase 1: MIND : “To create more successes in life while enjoying it”

We form our core values and message and create a network. We train initiative and creativity by exploring thinking and behavior patterns. We share self-coaching and outdoor methods.

The secret of the training is in the “how”.
As a participant you are going to have the chance to see
things from a totally different perspective. To do actions, to act and share, and act and share – all in order to make a progress in your learning.
The program is super intense, we work from the morning till late evening, in order to create the maximum opportunity for those who are willing to learn and create. The build-up of the training is similar to a sports training, every day we do a bit more and we use the previous experiences as a common base to build upon them. Through personal development you will have the chance to improve your skills and gather knowledge in coaching and monitoring. We are going to take planning and project management skills and analyse them step by step to create the clearest possible understanding. By doing this we practice how to use them.

P R O G R A M:

DAY 0: Arrival. Getting to know the surrounding. Registration.
DAY 1: Introduction, ground rules. Handling concepts, thoughts. Key concepts. Setting learning goals.
DAY 2-3: Exploring individual working styles, trust, playfulness.
DAY 4-5: Making it practical. Start creating plans. Preparation for outdoor.
DAY 6-8: Outdoor training.
DAY 9: Understanding and planning for home. Finalising
plans. Asking the last questions. Motivate yourself.
DAY 10: Evaluation and closing. Identifying results and learning outcomes.

Partner countries and organizations and number of participants we are looking for:

Czech Republic (2 pax)
Greece (3 pax)
Hungary (3 pax)
Italy (3 pax)
Lithuania (4 pax)
The Netherlands (3 pax)
Turkey (2 pax)


Training course – MIND, BODY & MESSAGE – tools to increase youth worker’s impact – Hungary –

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