Training course: MIND, BODY & MESSAGE – tools to increase youth workers impact – second phase BODY

Location: Ommen, Netherlands

Dates: 20-28 August 2018

Number of participants: 31

Participating countries: Hungary, Lithuania, Netherlands

Organizer: Qualitimpact Informal Group

Apply here: Application form

Deadline to apply: 1 July 2018

Date Of Selection: 6 July 2018

Inquiries about this training course: Madlen Nenkova at


1. Travelling costs
They will be reimbursed up to the limit according to the Erasmus + program:
Lithuania & Hungary – 275EUR
The Netherlands – 0EUR
2. Accommodation and Food (3 meals per day) are covered by the project
3. There is a participation fee of 70EUR paid in cash at the registration.

MIND, BODY & MESSAGE – tools to increase youth workers impact – second phase BODY

BODY is a 9-days training course and is the second phase of the MBM project of Qualitimpact Informal Group. In this TC we train body awareness to synchronize content and expression. We train entrepreneurial skills by dance techniques.

About the project:
MIND, BODY & MESSAGE builds integrity in NGO communication, improves entrepreneurship of youth workers, supports cross-sectoral networking to create and maintain recognition and support systems for youth work.

The MIND creates your state. The BODY shapes your way of expression. The MESSAGE delivers your values, purpose and idea to the others. All these three together bring you the dreamed result through awareness using different tools.

The objectives of MIND, BODY & MESSAGE are:
– to share best practice of training and coaching entrepreneurship of youth
– to improve communication and entrepreneurship skills of youth workers
– to build NGO capacities for cross-sectoral networking
– to raise the recognition of non-formal learning and youth work
– to encourage the dissemination and the creation of international projects among local youth NGOs within Erasmus+

About phase 2 – BODY:
“To learn how to play on my own instrument”

In this training we are going to focus to train skills of nonverbal communication, to learn techniques and methods for creation. Skills, competences which are going to receive the focus on this phase:
– body awareness: breathing, posture, movement, gestures and mimics;
– perceiving and directing our macro and micro muscle movements in order that our expression is more matching our intentions and less automatic;
– spatial awareness and coordination: movement in relation to space, time and other people;
– mapping interactions, developing partnerwork & teamwork, ability to dynamically switch roles and positions in a process;
– Body movement – experimenting, testing and practicing as a tool of growth;
– techniques of dance to train communication and entrepreneurship skills, contact improvisation, video feedback, improvisation;
– performance as a tool of awareness-raising: creating a performance, form and express a message.


DAY 0: Arrival and arranging the practicalities.
DAY 1: Warm up.First movements. Experimenting with Space.
DAY 2: My movement. To figure out what kind of movements, gestures and mimics are easy to make and which takes more effort. Identifying the mission, message on which you gonna work.
DAY 3-4: Dance with me. The focus is going to be on the interactions with others. Activities are taken from clowns and actors.
DAY 5-6: Rehearsal. Preparation for the performance day, with consultations and inputs from different body movement techniques.
DAY 7: Performance. To create a performance which shows the message of yours. A performance which is summarizing the mission of each and every individual.
DAY 8: Stretching. Debriefing the performance experience. Making plans for home, and creating a specific move.
DAY 9: Last move. Evaluation and Closing.


Training course: MIND, BODY & MESSAGE – tools to increase youth workers impact – second phase BODY – Ommen, Netherlands

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