Training course: Mission Aeiphoria

Location: Cyprus

Dates: 21 – 30 October 2021

Number of participants: 29

Participating countries: Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Romania, United Kingdom, Poland

Organizer: DOREA Educational Institute

Apply here: application form

Deadline to apply: 1 October 2021

Date of Selection: immediately, if you are right candidate

Inquiries about this training course: Justinas at


  • 100% accommodation, food and program materials are covered by the grant from Erasmus+
  • Covid19 related costs (testing, quarantine accommodation, masks, etc.) are the participants’ responsibility. We will provide sanitizing gels and other equipment.
  • Traveling are covered up to maximum of:
    • €0/participant for Cyprus
    • €275/participant for Greece, Bugaria, Italy, Romania, Poland
    • €360/participant for Spain, Latvia
    • €530/participant for UK
  • Programme fee is €70, payable immediately after acceptance €20/£18 and €50 in Greece

Mission Aeiphoria

Download the infopack here: Mission Aeiphoria – Cyprus- Erasmus plus – training course –

Download the PDF file .

For all of us who are part of youth organisations and social initiatives, it is always tricky to implement sustainability in our projects, especially when we are located in big cities or in facilities/venues that are not so environmentally friendly/conscious etc.

On the other hand nowadays, technology allows us to raise awareness by creating video productions that can help others become more sustainable or even give birth to more initiatives that can promote sustainability. change of habits etc. Further more smartphones, laptops and other low-cost gadgets are now widely available and with no-cost almost can
offer high-quality video productions.

For this reason, DOREA Educational Institute is inviting you to Mission Aeiphoria project. It is a training course, where you will have the opportunity to learn the skills on how to build a social promotion video to raise awareness about sustainability and spread your message to a wider audience with low-cost equipment as well as to learn and experiment together with 24 more people on how to use video by creating yourselves a video to raise awareness about sustainability.

The plot

During the 8-days programme participants will:

– Get acquainted with media literacy
– Receive practical skills in filmmaking and namely how to create Social Promotion videos in all stages (pre-production, production post production)
– Explore ways to make it cheap through guerilla filmmaking tips
– Enhance teamwork skills under time pressure
– Create a promotional video for raising awareness about sustainability

Participant profile

  • Youth worker and/or staff member of non-profit initiatives, interested in how to incorporate new technologies and namely video production in your work
  • Eager to learn or develop further your skills in video making
  • Committed to creating 1 social promotion videos to raise awareness about the environment and sustainability
  • Ready to participate in an intercultural environment and eager to challenge yourself in working on a high speed training course full of practical assignments
  • Resident of Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Romania, UK, Poland and Cyprus
  • Able to work and communicate in English Over 18 years old

The Story

Getting media literacy skills and tools and practice them instantly through media assignments.

Putting in practice media skills, creating the first social promotional video

Scout, investigate needs and return to film a green initiative.

Showcase results Feed forward. End of the training.

The Genre

The working hours and the programme varies according the needs of each project day. Expect to work 12 to 14 hours (including breaks and assignments).

There are morning, afternoon and evening sessions planned. Mornings are mostly focused in video creation assignments and reflection, afternoon and evening sessions in input and practice.

There is no need for expensive media equipment, you will be working with your own media equipment resources, learning how to create video productions with the same material that you will be working with when you go back in your local reality.

Please note that the programme does not include touristic trips and free days therefore in case you are interested in such possibilities we invite you to plan them for yourselves by arranging (on your own costs) some days before or after the training.


This training programme is based on an Experiential Learning approach, you will learn by doing and by reflecting upon what you did. Expect a fully dynamic programme containing several methods and work formats added one on top of each other, like Lego bricks, building the content of the training.

  • You will get short theoretical input and you will be directly asked to implement it within a limited time frame
  • Expect to find yourself in various multinational teams working together on a media assignment within a set time frame
  • You will work with an international group in the production of a social promotional video about sustainability
  • There are parts, where you can stop and look at your own learning path. This will happen in a small group context, in a plenary but also individually.

In Mission Aeiphoria individual learning journey will be Self-Directed by you, guided by the facilitators and supported by the group.


PANAGIOTIS MAMOUZAKIS is an experienced Trainer and Youth Worker with more than 10 years in the field of training and video making. He is the co-founder of “Break the Couch”, a group of filmmakers focused on linking new media with the field of youth work. In his work, he uses new media (social media, video, photography etc.), assignments, games, outdoor activities and other work forms.

KATERINA MITRAKOU is a forever seeker of knowledge and sworn DIYer, who denied her life as a lawyer and tuned in her real calling for making things and making things happen. During this journey, she studied video and 3D animation for a while, which won her heart because they always leave some space for a no- cost DIY solution. She delved into experiential learning after joining the Scouts and she became a trainer and district scout leader. In this pursuit of learning by doing she crafts literally everything, from educational games to usable pieces of art made of reclaimed fabrics.


  • 100% accommodation, food and program materials are covered by the grant from Erasmus+
  • Covid19 related costs (testing, quarantine accommodation, masks, etc.) are the participants’ responsibility. We will provide sanitizing gels and other equipment.
  • Traveling are covered up to maximum of:
    • €0/participant for Cyprus
    • €275/participant for Greece, Bugaria, Italy, Romania, Poland
    • €360/participant for Spain, Latvia
    • €530/participant for Spain, UK
  • Programme fee is €70, payable immediately after acceptance €20/£18 and €50 in Greece


    21st of October 2021 – All day
    22nd – 29th of October
    30th of October – Before 10:00
  • Days allowed to stay in Cyprus:
    You are allowed to come max 2 days before the TC or leave max 2 days after the TC, but the total amount of the days that are not part of the programme is max 2 days. During these extra days, you have to find and cover your own accommodation and other expenses. If you decide to stay more than 2 days longer than the official programme, you will have to cover the travelling expenses yourself.


It is essential to bring with you your personal equipment. We will not provide the equipment so the effectiveness of your personal learning and the training course itself can be increased if you work with tools you already know and have.

Therefore bring with you:
Smartphone, Video or Photo Camera with filming function (as professional as possible, preferably DSLR);
Memory storage (or external hard drive); Laptop with photo and video editing software; Media gadgets and props: tripods, octopus pods, microphones, lights etc
Chargers, card-readers, cables etc

The Studios

You will be hosted and catered at the Navarria hotel and the training will take place at the same hotel, thus allowing participants to benefit of teamwork and exchanging good practices, etc.

The context itself is going to be a great example of how we can work and promote sustainability while being in a commercial environment with basic sustainability options.


If you want to receive more details about the project before applying, feel free to contact our partner organization from your country of residence or send directly the application form via the e-mail address in the table below. Furthermore, you will get the confirmation letter with the practical details regarding the online preparation and the training itself. Do NOT book your tickets unless you receive a confirmation letter from us.

  • Cyprus: DOREA Educational Institute –
  • Greece: Roes Cooperativa in association with Break The Couch –
  • Bulgaria: Association “RAZMAH” –
  • Spain: Ticket2Europe –
  • Italy: New Wellness Education –
  • Latvia: Keep the change –
  • Romania: Zig Zag Prin Romania –
  • United Kingdom: –
  • Poland: NGO Logos –