Seminar / Conference: Non-formal youth work and formal youth studies

Location: Yerevan, Armenia

Dates: 20-23 April 2018

Number of participants: 54

Participating countries: Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine

Organizer: Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia 

Apply here: application form

Deadline to apply: 15 March 2018

Date Of Selection: 22 March 2018

Inquiries about this training course: Diana Yeghiazaryan at

Costs: We are able to cover 100% of your travel costs up to the budget stated according to Erasmus+ calculation. This includes all of your travel costs, including the trip from the airport to the venue:
Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey – max. 275 Euro travel cost reimbursement per participant
Poland, Sweden, Czech Republic – max. 360 Euro travel cost reimbursement per participant
Armenia – 0 Euro
All visa costs are reimbursed 100%.
The accommodation and food will be provided during the project.

Non-formal youth work and formal youth studies

This Conference is the 1st activity of Erasmus+ Capacity Building in the field of Youth action named “International Youth Studies: Curricula, Distance learning course and open educational materials /InYouS/”

The main aim of the Conference is to compare non-formal youth work and formal youth studies taking into account different approaches, bringing together young people and university teachers, researchers and practical youth workers, decision makers and leaders of youth clubs.

During the conference each country will present its research results done before the Conference. We will concentrate on each case, discuss, create special sheets for comparing country by country and create common basis for development of educational resources. The results of the conference will be published and serve as a starting point for further development of the curricula and learning materials on International Youth Studies and Youth Work.

Next, a working group with involvement of EaP and EU peers will be established to develop a training package and educational materials for mobility activities: (1) a training on International youth work – recognition and quality of non-formal education; (2) two youth exchanges on Promoting youth work: Why? and How?