Training course: Out with the burn out!

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Dates: 23-31 May 2020

Participating countries: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Slovak Republic

Number of participants: 25

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Organizer: ProBudnik Association

Deadline to apply: 24 April 2020

Date of Selection: 27 April 2020

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Participation fee

Accommodation and food
Accommodation and food during the activity will be arranged for you by ProBudnik Association for the duration of the activity.

Travel reimbursement
You will be required to book your travel to and from the activity. Travel costs to attend the activity will be reimbursed following full attendance at the activity and should be up to 250 Euro per participant (from Slovakia & Cyprus). Bulgarian participants should travel on their own cost.

Out with the burn out!

Out with the burn out! – Bulgaria – Erasmus plus training course –

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You will learn how to recognize, prevent and remedy stress and the phenomenon of professional exhaustion known as ‘burn out’, so that you can improve the quality of your youth work and enhance your professional performance and competences.

General aim of the training course

The main aim of this training course is to identify challenges youth workers and educators face in daily life and to support them in developing the ability for early recognition of signs of heightened stress and burn out. Building your capacity to identify and prevent burn out, as well as to remedy it, will enhance your emotional resilience, as well as your motivation to perform better within your role.

This training course will focus on some of the main tenets of Emotional Intelligence, i.e. that of self-awareness and self-management. These lie on the foundation of self-observation, which we will have the opportunity to apply in real time, so as to learn how to extract knowledge that helps us become more aware of ourselves and more capable of managing our emotions, so that they serve us and not sabotage us in our roles. Living in a ‘VUCA’ (vulnerable, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world means that our roles as youth workers and educators have also become more demanding and pressurizing, often leaving us feeling overwhelmed and incapable of effectively managing ourselves, not only in our roles, but also in our relationships. We will learn the value of self-reflection and, in learning how to empathize with others but also with ourselves, through a range of practical tools we will learn how to make our lives easier and more enjoyable!

The methodology of the training course is based on the principles of non-formal education and strongly supports self-reflection, learning through experience and self-directed learning. The programme will include a variety of activities, discussions, workshop sessions, etc. to encourage critical thinking and self-awareness. A strong focus will be put on Coaching as tried-and-tested method for creatively addressing pressing problems; a range of practical, hands-on, easy-to-use tools will be shared and applied in real time. English will be the working language of the training course.

We acknowledge and applaud the fact that young people’s health and well-being is a priority in Erasmus+ Youth in Action and it is also highlighted in the European Youth Strategy.

Specific objectives

  • To identify and acknowledge challenges we face when working with youth
  • To thoroughly learn and experience the value of self-reflection
  • To learn how to empathize with others but also with themselves
  • To improve their Emotional Intelligence through improving their self-awareness and emotional self-management
  • To apply practical tools for recognizing and managing stress, as well as for recognizing, preventing and managing burn out, which can be used for life
  • To enjoy a space for peer learning and support: exchanging relevant experiences and good practices
  • To prioritize self-care and emotional wellness and apply these in holistic, creative ways
  • To understand and appreciate the value of failures and mistakes, rather than be ‘burdened’ by them; to be able to convey this to their youth groups, as positive role models
  • To recognize the educational value of non-formal learning activities in empowering others

Who can apply?

  • Youth workers, youth leaders, teachers, people who are directly working with youth and/or youth educational organizations
  • Youth trainers and educators
  • Youth team leaders
  • Working staff of youth organizations
  • Youth professionals who are motivated to share their work experience and challenges so as to collectively LEARN
  • Youth professionals who are actively seeking to improve their toolbox and enrich it with new, effective approaches
  • Youth professionals who are available and willing to take an active part in the FULL duration of the training course
  • Youth professionals who are over 18 years old and are comfortable in communicating in English

How to register

Please register at:

Register until 24th of April 2020

Selection of the participants: 27th of April 2020

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