Training course: Powering Entrepreneurship Education For Disadvantaged Youth

Location: Antalya, Turkey

Dates: 1 November 2018

Number of participants: 30 participants participants

Participating countries: Bulgaria, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Turkey

Organizer: Lucky Punch Jugendhilfe gGmbH

Apply here: Application form

Deadline to apply: 14 October 2018

Date Of Selection: 16 October 2018

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Participation fee

Accommodation and food

All costs are covered by the project

Travel reimbursement

There are different limits for travel costs for each country:

– Germany: 360 Euro

– Turkey: 0 Euro

– Macedonia: 275 Euro

– Hungary: 275 Euro

– Bulgaria: 275 Euro

– Italy: 275 Euro

Powering Entrepreneurship Education For Disadvantaged Youth

This activity and venue place are accessible to people with disabilities.

To equip the youth workers working directly with young unemployed people and disadvantaged youth from refugee/asylum seeking and migrant background with essential entrepreneurial and business tools, methods and skills to tackle the problem of unemployment

The international training course “Powering Entrepreneurship Education For Disadvantaged Youth” aims to train and equip youth workers and youth leaders working directly with young unemployed people and disadvantaged youth from refugees/asylum seekers and migrants  with essential entrepreneurial and business tools, methods and skills to enable them to contribute to tackling of the problem of unemployment among youth through quality youth work that promotes self-employment and entrepreneurial culture.

The training course will be based on non formal learning methods and principles, intercultural dialogue and communication including group discussions, interactive presentations, participant’s lead workshops, team work,etc. The methodology of the project will stimulate active participation,  sense of initiative and involvement of the learners. It aims to create a learning space with better self-awareness and awareness of the needs and goals of the groups of young people they work with to enhance the results of the learning process and give birth to high quality projects led by the participants in the future. The project aims to reveal the value of the Erasmus+ Programme as a tool for youth empowerment and raise awareness about Youthpass tool for supporting young people harness skills and personal growth through self-reflection and learning documentation.

Objectives of the training course: – Introduce youth entrepreneurship as a tool of fighting youth unemployment; – Support youth workers in developing and sharing effective methods in reaching out to marginalized young people, refugees, asylum seekers and migrants, and in preventing racism and intolerance among youth;  – Learn to use youth work to empower youngsters to start their creative search for entrepreneurial opportunities;  – Learn to use non-formal education to support current and future job-seekers to be pro-active and able to  apply entrepreneurial approach into career development; – Explore ways for using youth work to bring alienated and marginalized youth back into the economic mainstream and giving them a sense of meaning and belonging; Helping address some of the socio-psychological problems and delinquency that arises from joblessness;  – Learn  to use Youthpass and the Key Competences to support young people through creative process of skill harnessing, self-reflection and documentation of the personal learning process; – Develop quality youth mobility projects to be applied under Erasmus+ Programme; – Develop and publish online the “Handbook: Entrepreneurship Education for Marginalized Young People, Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrants”


Training course: Powering Entrepreneurship Education For Disadvantaged Youth – Turkey –

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