Training course: Radical Escape

Location: Kapraluv Mlyn, Brno, Czech Republic

Dates: 11-20 March 2020

Number of participants: 27

Participating countries: Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain

Apply here: application form

Organizer: Be International, z.s.

Deadline to apply: 31 January 2020

Date of Selection: immediately, if you are right candidate

Inquiries about this training course:


The training course has a participation fee of 30 EUR. The participation fee amount is used for the benefit of the project to provide materials for building the escape games and cover extra expenses occurred during the project. In case you are not able to pay the participation fee, please, tell us and we will find a solution.

The accommodation and food is fully covered.

Travel reimbursement :

Czech Republic: 20 EUR

Spain: 360 EUR

Estonia, Latvia, Italy, Malta : 275 EUR

Slovakia, Slovenia: 180 EUR

Radical Escape

Download infopack: Radical escape – training course – Erasmus plus – Czech Republic –

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Radical Escape is a training course that aims to enable youth workers to strengthen preventative measures against radicalication of young people through the use of educational concepts based on escape games.

Ok, what does that mean though?

For last few years, we have been exploring innovations in youth work through the use of game based learning mechanisms. This training follows two main lines:

  • Exploring process of radicalization in connection to enabling factors such as social exclusion, media manipulation or marginalization.
  • Developing and testing 3 portable educational escape rooms connected to these topics.

More specifically, the training aims to:

  • foster mutual understanding of the process of radicalization, reasons and preventive measures,
  • discover the topic of escape game methodology as an educational approach in youth work,
  • to equip participants with tools for developing educational escape games,
  • experiment with applying innovative methodology to the topic of radicalization, create 3 educational escape games and test them with the local community,
  • to empower youth workers/leaders to use escape games while working with hard to reach youth;
  • to create a scenario booklet on escape games on processes triggering radicalization.

The project will gather 3 participants from each of the following countries and sending organizations:

Czech Republic (Be International)

Slovakia (SAPLINQ)


Spain (Ticket2Europe)

Malta (MUYA)

Slovenia (Klub študentov Kranj)

Latvia (Biedriba Piedzivojuma Gars)

Italy (Esplora)

The training course is designed for youth workers, youth leaders, educators, trainers, teachers, NGO volunteers and members. We are looking for people involved in youthwork or in the education field on a weekly basis. Participants do not need any previous experience with escape games and game-based learning. We expect participants to have motivation to learn about game-based learning and be willing to create escape games for young people.

Participants need to be official residents of the country they are coming from, be over 18 years of age and have at least an intermediate level of English. Participants are expected to participate fully in the program and commit to the dissemination activities.

You can apply for the project here: Deadline for applications is January 31st 2020 and the selection results should be known by February 5th.

The training course will be intense and will include 4 practical sessions of 90 minutes per day. The training is designed to produce physical results (designed portable escape game concept), so there will be very little free time during the week with optional times in the evenings to work in groups. The training program will cover introduction to youth radicalization processes, game-based learning, escape room development principles, practical sessions on creating own game concepts, testing the concepts, documenting games and reflecting on the application of such methodology in youth work. As a result we foresee to create several escape room concepts and test them with young people.

Close to the training course the team will send you a home task and a preparation package to get up to date with the non-formal methodology and main aspects of the program that you will take part in. During the week you will have a chance to share educational game concepts or products that you use or been part of. If you have any, bring them with you.

The location of Radical Escape is Ecological Scout Centre Kaprálův Mlýn, situated in beautiful nature reserve in a valley close to Brno.

Accommodation will be provided in shared rooms (rooms of 3 to 5 beds and one large dorm room for 10 people due to the capacity of the venue). During the training course, there will be breakfast, lunch, dinner and two coffee breaks provided every day.

Most of the training will take place in a seminar room and in some outside working areas if the weather allows.

Towels and toiletries are not provided by the venue so make sure to bring your own, as well as any medication you might need during the week.

March in Brno can be still quite cold with the temperatures averaging around 7 degrees. You are advised to take enough warm clothes.

There is Wi-Fi in the venue, but from our experience it is not very reliable with big groups. Just to be safe, don’t plan any important work meetings/Skypes for the week.

There will be no daily opportunity to go to a shop, so we advise you to bring all the necessities with you to the venue. We will visit Brno on the game-testing day.

Be International cannot cover your stay before or after the project. If you are planning to do so, please count with paying for your own expenses.

What to remember so you won’t be dissapointed:

In Be International, the hosting organization, we are concerned about the environmental impact and sustainability of Erasmus+ programme. Therefore, whenever we host international events, we have a policy of vegetarian/vegan diet prepared from locally produced ingredients by default for everyone. If you cannot survive without meat for 9 days, please, indicate so in your application form and we will see what we can do about it.

We will provide homemade veggie food, coffee and tea during breaks, board games, helpful staff, a trip to Brno with a public event, materials to create escape rooms and team support.

If you will need espresso, haird-dryer, special shampoo, smoothie makers or guaranteed nice weather – we advise you to bring your own.


It is mandatory to have a valid travel and medical insurance (i.e. European Health Insurance Card) during your travel. The host organization will not cover any personal health costs. If you need help with this, please contact your sending organization.


The training course has a participation fee of 30 EUR paid on the spot in cash to the partner organization. The participation fee amount is used for the benefit of the project to provide materials for building the escape games and cover extra expenses occurred during the project. In case you are not able to pay the participation fee, please, tell us and we will find a solution.


Brno is easy to reach by direct train or bus from Prague, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest. For best price of transportation from those cities to Brno, we suggest you to use the bus company or In case you decide to travel by train, bus or other more ecological means of transportation, you are encouraged to do so:)

Participants are required to arrive to Brno by 16:00 on March 11th. Check-out from the venue is on March 20th after breakfast.


At your own expense, you can stay in the Checz Republic up to 4 days before OR after the training course. If you exceed this period, you might not be subject to travel reimbursement. We can recommend these hostels: Eleven, Jacob, Mitte and Fleda.


We encourage you to take your laptop, snacks and beverages for the intercultural evening and some warmer clothes.


Failure to participate in a minimum 80% of the content sessions of innapropriate behavior might result in reimbursement not being given to such participants with a notice provided to the sending organization or exemption of the participant from the course.

We expect the selected participants to organize their travel according to Erasmus+ rules. When arranging tickets, bear in mind that there is a maximum amount reimbursable for your trip costs. The sum covers all transporation costs from the region of the sending partner organization to the training venue.

Travel costs exceeding the reimbursable amount will not be reimbursed.

Travel maximum reimbursable amounts per participant:

Spain: 360 EUR

Estonia, Latvia, Italy, Malta : 275 EUR

Slovakia, Slovenia: 180 EUR

Deadline for booking tickets to Brno is February 10th 2020. We suggest you to arrange and book your whole trip in advace to speed up the reimbursement process.

Reimbursements will be made via bank transfer to the sending organization or appointed responsible participant after dissemination activities are held (we will make the transfer within 14 days when we have everything needed from a country group).


Filip Gábor, project coordinator, youth worker and trainer in Be International. His main fields are gamification, intercultural learning and active citizenship. Apart from his work in Be International, he is a freelance trainer and member of the pool of trainers of the Czech National Agency. Contact: or +421 907 144 364


Pavel Vassiljev, free lance trainer in the youth work field from Tallinn, Estonia. Pavel manages a youth organization Shokkin Group in Estonia and is the head of the Shokkin Group International Network. Main passions apart from work are backpacking around the globe, cooking dishes from different places and dancing to old music. Contact:


Olalla Gonzáles, a youth worker and a passionate grafic facilitator. Olalla joins the team as a graphic facilitator to support the learning process.

Pája Kolářová, a youth worker and passionate project cordinator. Pája will be joining the team as support, being in charge of the practical issues of the project.