Training course: Rainbow Youth

Location: Torino, Italy

Dates: 28 December 2020 – 3 January 2021

Participating countries: Belgium , France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom

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Number of participants: 27

Organizer: Associazione Culturale Eufemia APS

Deadline to apply: 16 October 2020

Date of Selection: 20 October 2020

Inquiries about this project: Ilaria Mardocco at


Participation fee
No participation fee is foreseen.

Accommodation will be in shared bedrooms, according to safety measures and recommendations.

In case a different condition is requested, Organisation will charge the participant for the extra cost.

Accommodation and food
The project has been financed by the Erasmus+ programme. The costs related to accommodation and food will be completely covered by the hosting organisation.

Travel reimbursement
The travel costs will be covered according to the Erasmus+ standards up to the following amounts:

  • Italy: 0 €
  • France: 180 €
  • Belgium, Romania, Greece, Spain, Portugal, UK, Hungary: 275 €

Rainbow Youth

This Training Course aims at providing Youth Workers, Trainers & Educators, who are unfamiliar with the topic, elements to promote inclusion of LGBTQI+ collective in youthwork experiences and spaces.

The project’s main aim is to promote the inclusion of LGBTQI+ youth through the creation of understanding and inclusive youth work experiences and spaces. Our goal is to share specific competences about LGBTQI+ people to youth workers both working and not working directly with LGBTQI+ youth.

This Training Course aims to explore Sexual Orientation and Gender Expression/Identity (SOGI) for those unfamiliar with the LGBTQI+ collective and those that want to be more inclusive in their practice, both at local and European level.

During the course we will:
1- Explore experiences and commonalities around youth work practices and our reach to LGBTQI+ young people.
2- Consider a range of different theoretical and experiential approaches for support and inclusion.
3- Consider practices in challenging hate speech amongst young people, dealing with prejudices and countering discrimination.
4- Focus on useful soft skills and competences for youth workers to create conditions for inclusion.
5- Designing culturally sensitive interventions.

-To provide the necessary competences to include a positive approach to Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression in youth work practice, also referring to the Youth Workers competence model.
-To explore the specificities and challenges of working with LGBTQI+ young people in Education settings and European activities.
-To provide a framework of action and a series of tools to challenge discrimination on the basis of SOGI.
-To support key actors responsible to promote and advance equal rights for LGBTQI+ people in the EU


We will use mainly Non Formal Education learning methods: experiential, best practices sharing, some theoretical framework and general guidelines from Council of Europe, European Commission, Salto Inclusion. During the Training Course participants will also have the space to inquire their own approach and their skills set to be improved and achieved to provide and create
safer and more inclusive environments for learning.


educators (youth workers, youth leaders, etc) that want to know more about the inclusion of LGBTQI+ young people in their activities.
young people who are approaching youth work and want to deepen their individual competences in the view of a future professional recognition
youth workers/trainers/educators who have never experienced so far training courses in the international level
over the age of 18 y.o.
able to work in English.


This course is NOT for people with extensive knowledge of LGBTQI+ issues