Training course: Really Including Inclusion

Location: Worcester, United Kingdom

Dates: 18-25 November 2018

Number of participants: 32 participants

Participating countries: Estonia, Italy, Lithuania, Slovenia, Spain

Organizer: Consilium DT / BeDiverse

Apply here: Application form

Deadline to apply: 23 October 2019

Date Of Selection: 26 November 2019

Inquiries about this training course: Leila Usmani at


Participation fee


Erasmus+ is a co-funded project, and so to ensure all the quality conditions for an impactful training are met we ask that each participant contributes €30. It demonstrates commitment to the training and we find it is a small amount to pay to show value to the course. The participation fee can be discussed case by case if some participants experience difficult financial situation.

We expect you to pay the fee in cash during the project. This is an additional contribution to the funding we receive and is not waivered by spending less than your travel amount.

Accommodation and food

This project is funded by Erasmus + (KA1) of European Union. According to its financial rules some costs are fully covered some not. Please see below for details:

– Accommodation, food and refreshments – 100% covered


Participants from European Union countries are all expected to bring their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with them. This is needed for access to health care in the UK. To find out more about accessing one of these cards please follow this link: Please note that citizens from outside the EU will not be eligible for EHIC and must take private insurance, which is not reimbursable by the project.

In addition to this, Consilium DT highly suggests that participants arrange separate Travel Insurance, including medical cover. Any costs relating to health, loss of possessions, missing travel connections etc. must be covered by the participant. Please kindly provide us with the details of your insurance at least a week before the project starts.

Travel reimbursement

– Travel costs will be reimbursed* fully up to the stated amount in EUR€** below and include local transport costs to reach the venue in UK (to be supported by a written justification when submitting the rquest for reimbursement)

Estonia: €275 pp

Italy: €275 pp

Slovenia: €275 pp

Lithuania: €275 pp

Spain: €275 pp

*Documents We Need for Reimbursement:

– Original invoice of the flight ticket, in English (or translated and signed), with your full name, dates of travel, route of travel, and price clearly visible.

– Original bus/train/taxi tickets and/or London Underground Oyster Card travel printout with dates of travel, route of travel, and price clearly visible.

– We will need a written statement if you travelled by uncommon routes (if not from the city of your sending organisation) explaining why and signed by you and the partner organisation

– If luggage is not included in plane tickets – we need a separate receipt for this

– Use of personal car will not be reimbursed

We will try and pay your money back in cash EUR € as soon as possible before you leave. We cannot make bank transfers due to the high cost incurred.

Please note we must have all copies to refund you. We cannot refund anything that has not been paid yet i.e. return trains you will pay on the way back.

IMPORTANT! – If you cannot hand over this information, then we cannot reimburse you. If something is unclear about travel reimbursements, please contact us before leaving for the training course!

**For those who will be paying their travel in another currency to EUR€, the conversion rate will be based on the Erasmus+ site depending on the month the funding was paid into Consilium DT account, July 2018.

Really Including Inclusion

A first stage training course for youth workers to equip them with the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills to be able to ensure the inclusion of young people from backgrounds of fewer opportunities into their projects and activities.

Are you interested in learning how to support disadvantaged young people from background of fewer opportunities get involved in local and international youth projects?

Consilium Development and Training together with BeDiverse is delivering a first stage training course for youth workers (anyone who works with young people aged 13-30, in a paid, voluntary, full or part-time position) to equip them with the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills to be able to ensure the inclusion of young people who are underrepresented and from backgrounds of fewer opportunities into their projects and activities. This will be achieved through successive implementation of the following project objectives:

– training participants in the key areas related to preparation and delivery of local and international youth projects to ensure inclusion and accessibility

– exchanging best practices and useful tools contributing to successful inclusion of people facing barriers in projects

– fostering European cooperation in the youth field and supporting the development of
sustainable partnerships for the future joint projects between partner promoters

– discovering the potential of Erasmus+ Programme in creating accessible quality and value-based learning mobilities for young people and youth workers.

The training course is strongly based on experiential learning (learning by doing) and non-formal education, with adequate time allocated for debriefing and reflection throughout the whole program. It will take place over one week, 6 days of training with one afternoon ‘free’. It will be an intense programme, so applicants must be available for the entire duration.

The prospective participants (32 in total) should:

– Be youth workers, leader’s coordinators, facilitators and trainers from active NGOs or public bodies that have mission and objectives that are related to young people.

– Have an idea about what prevents some young people from getting involved in projects and have a desire to open their projects further

–  Understand the importance of equality, inclusion and anti-discrimination

– Be open to meeting new people from different countries and spending an intense period of time together, motivated and dedicated to learn and contribute to the training course

– Be willing and ready to share the outcomes of the training course with their young people, their local region and further if possible, by undertaking certain dissemination activities

– Be at least 18 years old

– Have at least medium level of English comprehension (to be able to participate in discussion and in training activities)

– The participants should be resident* of one of following countries:

Estonia, Italy, Lithuania, Slovenia, Spain (Priority will be given to applicants selected by the partner organisation).

*applications from people residents [living] in other countries (regardless if they are nationals of the countries mentioned) before will not be accepted

We welcome applications from people with physical and learning disabilities, Black and minority ethnic / people of colour, LGBTQ+ folk, refugees, asylum seekers, migrants, women and marginalised genders. If you require support in completing the application or wish to access it in a different format (i.e. large print, verbal), have any questions, queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Consilium or the partner organisation in your country.

If you are interested in taking part in this training course please contact the local partner organisation in the country you live to tell them you are interested in applying. Download the recuitment sheet and click the link next to the logo below for their contact. Or you can follow this link for the application form

Deadline to apply is 15th October 2018. Please do not book any travel until you have confirmation!

*If we receive lots of applications we may not be able to contact everyone to say if you were successful.

For more information please send us an email below. We suggest that you read the information presented in the call beforehand and make sure you are completely able to commit to the timeframe.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Training course: Really Including Inclusion – United Kingdom –

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