Training course: ScribersHive Europe

Location: St Albans, United Kingdom

Dates: 4-10 November 2018

Number of participants: 27

Participating countries: Bulgaria, France, Poland, Romania, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom

Organizer: You Press

Apply here: Application form

Deadline to apply: 30 September 2018

Date Of Selection: 4 October 2018

Inquiries about this training course: Sarah Young at


Travel will be reimbursed up to maximum travel allowances as follows: BULGARIA – €360 FRANCE – €180 POLAND – €275 ROMANIA – €275 SPAIN – €275 TURKEY – €360 UNITED KINGDOM – €0 UK visa fees will also be reimbursed for participants from Turkey (but please note we can only pay if the visa application is successful). All accommodation, food and activity costs are covered by the project. There is a participation fee of €270 for the whole project, to be paid in 2 parts (€150 in November 2018 and €120 in April 2019). There will be a refund of €100 at the end of the project for participants who successfully complete all the project activities.

ScribersHive Europe

ScribersHive Europe is an intercultural project using an innovative approach to develop journalism and creative media skills for young people. It will last for 12 months and involve activities in UK, Poland and participants’ home countries.

ScribersHive Europe is an intercultural project using an innovative approach to develop journalism and creative media skills for young people. It will last for 12 months and consists of the following phases: • Training course in UK – November 2018 • Training course in Poland – April 2019 • Local activities in your own country – ongoing • Dissemination (showcase) event in the UK – November 2019 The same participants should take part in all parts of the project. This is important because all the activities are connected, so the final impact will be much greater when everyone has worked together for the whole year. This project will use the ScribersHive methodology to report and interpret cultural and social issues in different European countries. The focus will be migrant or minority groups and how they relate socially and culturally to the majority / host society. The impact of the project will be to show how these issues are reported within each country; how they are “re-interpreted” by people in other countries; and how these reports can be influenced by stereotypes and cross-cultural prejudices. ScibersHive involves 3 kinds of activities: • Written journalism • Graphics / comic strips • Video or podcast production Every story will be represented in all 3 forms – but will move from one country to the next as it develops. So for example, participants in France create a piece of written journalism. This is sent to the group in Poland, who will interpret it as a graphic. They send the graphic to Italy, where it is changed into a podcast. How will the story change as it crosses national and cultural borders? As a participant on this project you will: • Learn how to use the ScribersHive methodology in practice • Learn writing, graphic art, video and podcasting skills • Develop your teamworking, communication, presentation and intercultural skills • Understand the social and cultural issues affecting minorities • Meet and get support from our highly experienced team of youth workers, trainers and media experts from You Press, Volunteer Centre Association (Poland) and Momentum World • Visit London’s best known attractions as well as some less familiar and minority areas • Visit the beautiful city of Kielce in Poland, and learn about graphic design in a country which is especially famous for this art form. • Become a member of an international network of ScribersHive practitioners • Take part in a public and VIP showcase event in London • Lead your own dissemination event in your country All activities will be accredited with EU Youthpass. IMPORTANT NOTE: Participant selection will be carried out by project partners in each country. Applicants are not guaranteed a place.