Training Course: Space Creators

Location: Samokov, Bulgaria

Dates: 27 March – 2 May 2020

Number of participants: 25

Participating countries: Bulgaria, Portugal, Italy, Estonia, Slovakia

Apply here: application form 

Organizer: Foundation SEED

Deadline to apply: 12 March 2020

Date of Selection: 13 March 2020

Inquiries about this training course:

Participation fee

There is no participation fee.

100% accommodation, food and program materials are free, covered by the grant from Erasmus+

Travel reimbursement

Estonia – max 275 € Portugal – max 530 € Slovakia – max 275 € Italy – max 275 €

Space Creators

From our experience, the creation of a dynamic and changing place has not only made it possible to carry out events and training activities for young people and their develop, but has allowed the entire community to benefit from it. Our working place is a real meeting point for the whole COMMUNITY, to work together, share free time, organize activities and get in touch with different cultures and realities.

The aim of the project is to show to the youth workers what are the tools to create and managed a MULTI-FUNCTIONAL SPACE for youth development, art, sustainability and education activities

This training course is for Youth leaders, Youth worker, local authorities, people who work with young people for their development and empowerment. Who work locally, with young people with disabilities or in remote geographical areas. People extremely motivated to work for the construction of spaces for young innovative and multifunctional. Minimum age 18 and no upper age limit