Training course: Start up and pass on

Location: Chisinau, Moldova

Dates: 11-19 June 2022

Number of participants: 34

Participating countries: Belarus, Georgia, Italy, Moldova, Poland, Romania

Organizer: DGT Moldova

Apply: here

Deadline to apply: 27 May 2022

Date of selection: 28 May 2022

Inquiries about this training course: Dumitru Sorbala at


  • There is no participation fee.
  • All costs related to accommodation, food, training materials and curricula, local trips, etc are covered by the Erasmus+ grant
  • Travel costs are reimbursed up to:
    – Moldova: 0 EURO
    – Romania: 180 EURO
    – Georgia, Belarus, Poland, Italy: 275 EURO

Start up and pass on

“Start Up and Pass On” encourages NGO level cooperation and skills up human capital (youth workers) by providing quality entrepreneurial education instruments, support employability of NEETs and enhance the international dimension of youth work.
During the project we will facilitate the exchange of knowledge and best practices between youth workers who works in different entrepreneurial ecosystems, create training curricula in entrepreneurship education for young people, discover how to facilitate the youth transition from school to work and adult life.

In the same time, youth workers can help young people to make informed decisions, after they see the big picture: the advantages and drawback of entrepreneurship.

We will stimulate the international exchange of good practices and relevant experiences to develop modern tools for entrepreneurial education of professional people from NGOs.

Project aims:

  • To create a network of 34 international youth workers and prepare them to become multipliers of entrepreneurial education through 3 mobility and capacity building activities (Romania, Moldova and Georgia)
  • To foster the inclusion and employability of 590 NEET youth from 6 countries organizing local workshops and using tools based on learning through games and non-formal education developed by the 34 youth workers
  • Raise awareness regarding the importance of entrepreneurial education in formal and non-formal educational environments and promote developing and learning opportunities for NEET in the field of entrepreneurship


Training course-Start up and pass