Training course: Stories for a new world

Location: Slovak Republic

Dates: 19-27 May 2022

Number of participants: 37

Participating countries: Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Spain

Organizer: Artkruh

Apply: here

Deadline to apply: 5 April 2022

Date of selection: 19 April 2022

Inquiries about this training course: Marián Mazag at


Participation fee

A voluntary participants fee is requested in a range between 40€ and 100€ according to the participants’ possibility to support Artkruh’s mission. The fee should not be an obstacle for attending the training.
Accommodation and food

All costs connected with the training, traveling (see the limits below), food and accommodation are funded by the Erasmus + program.

Travel reimbursement

Czech republic up to 180€

Estonia up to 275€

Greece up to 275€

Italy up to 275€

Portugal up to 360€

Romania up to 275€

Slovak republic up to 20€

Spain up to 275€

Stories for a new world

“Fabulae pro nove orbe” (Stories for a New World) is a 7 days training course (+2 days travel) for youth workers, trainers and educators over 18 years old and with a good command of the English language.

The training course combines storytelling, media work and environmental education, to inspire and equip participants with competences for being more effective change-makers.

The General aim is to explore the challenges that communities are facing in recent times in terms of the global environmental crisis, and the ways in which media – in particular, social media – contribute to the creation of empty values, competitiveness, stereotypes, prejudice, intolerance and violent movements, in order to learn how to revert this trend.

We will learn to be critical users of media content, to be effective producers of information – not only passive users, to create counter-narratives to the “doom and gloom” stories about the destruction of our planet, and to contribute to the creation of a more diverse media that can be a catalyst of positive change.