Training course: Stutter live

Location: Goumenissa, Greece

Dates: 8-13 October 2020

Participating countries: Estonia, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Netherlands, Republic of North Macedonia, Serbia, Spain

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Number of participants: 20

Organizer: MediaTerraNea

Deadline to apply: 6 September 2020

Date of Selection: 7 September 2020

Inquiries about this project: Alexandros Ispoglou at


Participation fee
There is no participation fee

Accommodation and food
Accommodation and food is covered 100% by the Greek NA

Travel reimbursement
Travel expenses are covered according to the guidelines of European Commission.

  • Greece 20 €
  • North Macedonia 180 €
  • Serbia 180 €
  • Netherlands 275 €
  • Spain 360 €
  • Finland 360€
  • Estonia 360 €
  • Iceland 530€

Stutter live

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The Stutter Live: Project aims to raise the awareness of what stuttering is as a peculiarity and to deal with inclusion issues of people who stutter.

speech disorder is a diffculty that somebody has to overcome but it should be for no reason something that will prevent somebody from fulfilling his dreams.Unfortunately , the formal education can not pass this message to people regardless if they stutter or not. As a result, people who stutter remain excluded and consider stuttering as something that torture them from the beginning of their life. Hence, there is a certain challenge for third sector organizations to
come up with effective projects and assist the formal education efforts to address inclusion of people who Stutter.

Rowan Atkinson, King George and  Demosthenes are just a few examples that prove that a speech disorder cannot exclude somebody from being active in the society if he/she overcomes the logophobia. According to those ideas and observations , Stutter Live was designed in order to support the society in including people who stutter and to raise the awareness of what stuttering is.

The Stutter Live: Training Course will focus on raising the awareness of what stuttering is as a peculiarity  and will deal also with inclusion issues of people who stutter. We aim to increase the effectiveness of this training course by creating a working enviroment based on the characteristic of a real multicultural enviroment.Therefore, the Stutter live project will include both people who stutter and people who dont stutter but are curious to explore this peculiarity.

Finally, this project  will give special attention on the crucial role of youth work and in general non-formal education in providing to people who stutter equal opportunities and ensuring their smooth inclusion in their local societies.

** Participants of the Stutter live training course will be able to take part in the following youth exchange ( Thessaloniki, 7-15 November 2020) as group leaders.