Training course: Together, diverse, outdoor

Location: Tramonti, Italy

Dates: 10-17 May 2018

Number of participants: 21

Participating countries: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Spain

Organizer: Acarbio

Apply here: Application form

Deadline to apply: 12 April 2018

Date Of Selection: 13 April 2018

Inquiries about this training course: Antonio Di Martino at


– Travel costs will be reimbursed
(Latvia, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria: Eur 275 max, Estonia: Eur 360 max, Italy: 0 Eur max)

– Food and accomodation will be provided

– There is no participation fee

Together, diverse, outdoor

The Training Course will be about non-formal outdoor learning method in the context of diversity and inclusion. It includes a 3-day outdoor hike. Aim is the development of a tool-kit of methods. Experienced participates required.

21 participants from Bugaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Poland and Spain will join the training course. This call aims at filling free places in this training course with participants from: Bulgaria (3 participants), Czech Republic (2 participants), Italy (2 participants) Poland (2 participants) and Spain (3 participants).

We are offering a very unique and special project – quite different from other Erasmus+ youth worker mobility projects you might have heard of OR experienced, so, probably you don’t want to miss it!!!
Seminar “Together, diverse, outdoor – nature learning space for diversity and inclusion” is quite experiential and experimental in its’ design. The main idea of it is to gather experienced youth workers in order to share and develop together non-formal learning OUTDOOR tools that help to promote greater DIVERSITY and INCLUSION among youth.
The seminar activities will partly take place indoors (3 days sleeping and working in monastery facilities) and partly outdoors (3 days in a camping place arranged by us in the mountains). The thematic focus of the seminar will be on sharing already existing and creating new non-formal learning tools that promote greater inclusion and diversity among young people – AND that can be implemented in the outdoors settings – using the power of nature. We believe that as people working with youth, we could and should play a larger role in supporting young people in developing more open attitudes towards diversity and promoting inclusion. We need more powerful approaches and tools for it! And, as we believe that the “truth is out there” – in the nature, with this seminar/laboratory, we want together with you to explore how to use it for youth work!

As the contents of the project will largely depend on participants’ contributions in terms of sharing experiences working with young people, exploring challenges related to diversity and inclusion and developing outdoor activities that promote these values, we expect all participants to have a REAL experience in youth work and non-formal education for some time and maturity as personalities.

Here are the minimum criteria for participants:
– Involved in youth work for at least 1 year
– Have experience with providing non-formal learning activities for youth
– Have participated in at least 1 Erasmus+ project in the past
– Are interested in topics of diversity and inclusion and believe that these are values that need to be promoted
– Are interested in exploring learning in the nature/outdoors and ready to stay 3 nights in tents (and living in quite basic conditions)
– Within 2 months after the seminar – ready to implement at least 1 follow-up activity outdoors with their young people to promote diversity and inclusion


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