Training course: Volunteer Path Guide

Location: Dospat, Bulgaria

Dates: 23 May – 2 June 2018

Number of participants: 27

Participating countries: Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain

Organizer: Synergy Bulgaria

Apply here: application form

Deadline to apply: 1 March 2018

Date Of Selection: 5 March 2018

Inquiries about this training course: Paula Lorena Sabou at


1. The travel will be reimbursed as following:
From Bulgaria: maximum of 180€
From Romania: maximum of 275€
From Spain: maximum of 360€
From Poland: maximum of 275€
From Portugal: maximum of 820€
From Germany: maximum of 275€
From Greece: maximum of 180€
From Hungary: maximum of 275€
2. Accommodation and food will be provided by the organizers at the Hotel Emilia, city of Dospat, Bulgaria.
3. The participation fee is 60 Euros.

Volunteer Path Guide

A great training course about personal development, coaching, communication and non-formal tools.

The objective of the training course is to increase the quality of youth work, by focusing on coaching and mentoring of volunteers.

The training is based on informal learning (from each other’s learning experience) and on experimental learning (learning by doing).

The course focuses on Systemic work (the relationship between individuals and their environment) and on Coaching (which allows one persons to develop the capacity of self-questioning and find answers to personal needs).

It also focuses on somatic work, which means communication, creating connection, emotional management through a non-verbal management.