Volunteer abroad programs are not just charitable activities, they are a state of mind! 

To become a member of a volunteer project means not just seeing the world, but trying to make it better, brighter and kinder!

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With the help of volunteer labor from all over the world, thousands of ancient sights, rare animal species and many national monuments can be preserved!

Volunteering is: 

  • work that does not need to be paid because it is a reward itself. Volunteer movements are based on friendship and mutual revenue.


  • the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience, or completely distract from work and develop their interests. Therefore, every person has a reason to engage in this noble cause.


  • great way to spend the winter holidays outside the box

Many are looking for volunteer websites abroad, but on our website you can find all the necessary information.

Volunteer abroad programs are available to anyone over the age of 18!

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Volunteering in different countries of the world is an unforgettable adventure that everyone should try.

What gives you participation in the program of volunteer projects?

Participation in volunteer projects is:

  • travel without the cost of accommodation and meals;
  • daily cultural events and excursions;
  • exotic countries and friends around the world;
  • language practice;
  • opportunity to benefit society;
  • A warm welcome and multinational parties with traditional dishes, dances and songs!

Who is suitable for volunteer abroad programs?

You can become a member of a volunteer project if:

  • your age is from 16 years
  • ready to do simple work 5-6 hours a day
  • you have no difficult situations that can prevent you from going abroad

Volunteering abroad without knowledge of the language is very difficult, you need to know at least spoken English.

Everyone who wants to become a volunteer can choose for himself the most suitable area (ecology, agriculture, construction, social work, work in the field of art, etc.) and the country among popular projects.

The cost of the program of volunteer projects

 Important: It is recommended to take with you for spending $ 50-100!

Included in cost:

  • services for the selection of a suitable project
  • issuing an invitation from the host
  • support coordinator throughout the project 24/7

The cost does not include: 

    • visa application
    • air flight
    • medical insurance


Volunteer projects

And also:

      • Duration of the program: short-term projects last 2 – 3 weeks, long-term – up to 1 year. Start programs – year-round.
      • Accommodation for volunteers is completely free. These can be hostels, campgrounds, bungalows or apartments.
      • In his spare time, usually there are sports events, meetings with local residents, and on weekends excursions to local attractions are organized.
      • Volunteers abroad get acquainted with national cuisine, participate in local festivals and celebrations, learn about the traditions and customs of other nations.

What are volunteer projects?

Volunteer abroad programs are divided into the following areas:  historical projects, environmental volunteering abroad, restoration projects, assistance in organizing festivals and others:

    • This concerns the environment: cleaning the territory, cleaning the rivers, protecting animals, planting trees, building eco-villages, etc.
    • Social volunteering of students abroad in different countries of the world – are you sociable and active? Love to help people and always be in the center of events? Then social volunteering will suit you! This is the implementation of social projects, assistance in organizing services, leisure and creativity, as well as various social work.
    • Sports volunteering – for people practicing an active lifestyle and loving everything connected with sports, this type of volunteering is suitable, where you can participate in organizing sports events, conduct sports games and coordinate project participants
    • International volunteering – volunteering is a journey for people who speak several languages ​​and who want to get tremendous experience in the practice of their knowledge, it will be a great pleasure to help people from all over the world organize international volunteer projects, participate in social activities and a wide variety of activities.
    • Environmental volunteering – if you are a nature lover and you like to work outdoors, environmental volunteering abroad is what you need. It includes landscaping, garbage collection in reserves, participation in excursions and refining of the area.
    • Pedagogical volunteering – for those who wish to gain new knowledge and apply it in teaching practice, work in schools and kindergartens, where leisure activities, games and various activities for children are carried out
    • Event volunteering of students – what could be more interesting than to attend an event, attend a festival or have fun at a concert? Only the organization of all of the above! Become a member of event volunteering and visit the most exciting events as an organizer
    • Cultural volunteering – Cultural volunteering is becoming more popular every year. After all, this is a chance to touch the history, to take part in the restoration of architectural monuments and see with your own eyes the most beautiful places of culture
    • Medical volunteering is one of the most responsible types of volunteering, including help in medical organizations, working with medical staff, working with people, and gaining invaluable experience in the medical field.
    • Art Volunteering – created specifically for creative and active participants in the project. It involves working in museums, theaters, houses of culture, exhibitions and galleries.
    • Travel and student volunteering at school – if you love children and want to spend as much time with them as possible – welcome to school! Volunteering at schools is a very responsible, but fun and interesting project, which includes the organization of schoolchildren’s leisure activities, events, hikes and various games