Today we will tell about one day volunteer who helps society.Every volunteer day she learn more and more how many caring people around us.

Blood is blood

Most people today have a normal working day.

But for parents whose children undergo chemotherapy in the oncology department, the day begins with a search for donors.

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From the morning I received calls asking for help in finding blood donors.

Today our base is rather numerous, but it does not solve even a tenth of the problems.

There are not so many people who are ready to come for blood donation, overcoming all sorts of obstacles.

The volunteer day and times of blood sampling are very inconvenient for those who work.

But to save someone’s life is always necessary now, it cannot be postponed until tomorrow.

Being a donor is a big responsibility.

Often people leave their coordinates, succumbing to the first impulse or not familiar with the obligatory rules of donation.

Blood can save the life of a child, and it can also destroy.

Modern transfusion systems used in transfusiology exclude the possibility of infection of the donor.

volunteer day

But do not exclude infection of the one who receives blood.

Since many viruses appear in the blood only after six months.

Many children, having stood in the fight against a terrible disease called cancer, receive hepatitis as a reward.

Parents will call about fifty people, seven or eight will respond.

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And half of them will be banned at the transfusion station even when filling out the questionnaire.

Another part will be eliminated after the results of the analysis.

By the end of treatment, the parents have several notebooks.

Written with telephone numbers, most of which are crossed out.

It happens that those who can not come on the first call, find a replacement.

Some, having donated blood for one child, then they themselves look for donors for other children.

Try to look for money for treatment, come to visit, become friends.

But there are also cases when parents are rudely denied or promised – and do not come, do not answer calls.

I choose the necessary blood type from the donor base and send phone numbers to my parents.

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If the donor is not on the first list, the parents call back again and I write out the numbers again and again.

Calls can arrive both on weekends and during holidays.

Sometimes right in the minibus you have to give advice to those who want to become donors or parents.

Often you have to forget about your mood and personal circumstances.

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I constantly feel at the forefront, work burns out selfishness.

Much becomes unimportant and unnecessary.

Even the words you begin to perceive in their direct meanings.

If the blood – the blood by which a person lives.

If life, then the life of a living being, now and this second.

Balancing on the face behind which death stands is also in the direct meaning of the word. When I hear these words,

New faces

At noon, not the most pleasant, but obligatory work awaits me.

When new requests come from people who are not yet familiar to us, first of all you should check their veracity.

To do this, you must obtain and verify all medical documents, personal data, to phone with doctors.

In a simply volunteer day I have two such “checks” coming up.

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Unfortunately, there are cases of deceptions, sometimes quite cynical.

I do not want to talk about it. Over the years, our volunteers learned how to calculate frauds.

Every new person who comes with his trouble first has to explain that our organization is not a foundation.

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And we cannot specifically allocate funds for treatment.

I can only post information with a request.

And then I need to pray that people, after reading it, will help.

A volunteer is just a person who tries to be close by.

Of course, all the fate in the hands of God, but much depends on the patients themselves and their relatives.

You can not sit back, thinking that all you left or that now the whole world should help you.

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If a mom or dad leaves his past life outside the hospital, with all the habits, plans and dreams.

If they understand that for them this moment the most important and most important thing is to save their child,then they have donors more quickly and help comes.

And the treatment itself goes more efficiently, increasing the chances of recovery.

A trip to the children’s oncology department

Today, for the first time, I will hand out to children the portraits that the artist Maya made for them.

One volunteer day, when she went to the site asking for help, she could not stand aside and offered to create portraits for children on photoshop.

Seeing himself a real princess or a knight on a horse, a child, even for a few minutes, forgets about grief and pain.

Having distributed the portraits, I go to visit my wards, children and parents.

Every time I try to bring with me some gift, book, coloring, designer. Getting presents is always a pleasure.

Hospital walls do not cause joy to anyone, but you can truly rejoice at meeting people who are under treatment here.

Often, without realizing it, they set an example of courage and faith.

Maxim’s mom, Tanya, is one of those people who, it seems, simply do not know how to lose heart and remain cheerful in any situation.

Tanya tells about the ups and downs of the volunteer day, how Maxim did not eat.

How they could not bring down the temperature, how they went about the procedures.

How he shouted loudly when they did the injection, as they were looking for donors.

At the very beginning of the treatment, the impressionable little boy had a quite adult depression.

Mom had to go through a lot to get the child out of this state. She had a baby at home.

Whom she had not seen for several months and who had already forgotten the word “mother”.

Talking about all this,she smiles. He always talks about how the Lord helps them in everything.

Even in small things, about how many good people are around.

And in all this there is so much humility and patience, love and faith in success.

That when you look at your mother, you become infected with it.

Evening hard day

The volunteer day is over.I try to remember his events, trying to learn the lessons of life that the Lord unobtrusively taught me today.

After all, in fact, those whom we help can give us much more than we do to them.

In the evening, I have joy: Andrew, after all, was given four and a half thousand hryvnias on the card. Tomorrow, I will give them money that I donated unexpectedly too, and they will have the necessary amount. Operation on Wednesday. And this time the Lord did not leave!

Not indifferent, I think, are not born. To actively help people, you have to force yourself every volunteer day,breaking away from your own problems.

Future of Volunteering ,volunteer day

The main thing that must be remembered: in helping our neighbor, we must do it for the sake of Christ.

All other goals, even very correct ones, burn very quickly, and with them you too.

Sometimes you hear the opinion that there is no point in helping those who are still doomed.

Yes, we always have the right to choose whom to help, and indeed to help at all.

But something makes people come to the rescue even in the most hopeless situation.

Contrary to logic, even at the cost of their own lives.

After all, the Lord did not say that his life should be put only for the most “promising” patient, or only for a particularly talented person.

In each situation I try to imagine myself in the place of my parents.

Convinced that you can not turn away until the last second.

Every volunteer day I learn more and more how many caring people around us.

How much they can do to save their neighbor — and how little I do.

I know for sure that only by the grace of God I have no feeling that life passes empty and aimlessly.