Writing a scholarship application can be stressful. Whether you’re applying for a study abroad scholarship with Abroadship.org or looking to apply for a scholarship with your university, it’s definitely a delicate process.

Many students are anxious that if they submit a poor scholarship application letter, it will create a shadow over their academic success. This is actually true. Sometimes, students who have lower academic performance land a scholarship because of an amazing letter.

To make sure you get the maximum number of points in your scholarship application, follow these tips:

  1. Grab the reader’s attention

This is one of the most important tips for an application letter as for all texts in general. When an application letter is personalized, precise, and clear, it achieves its objective. The most important and most attractive part of the letter should be found in the first paragraph.

Together with this, the first line should be intriguing, and at the same time consistent with the subject matter. Some education officers must read a large number of application letters. That is why capturing the attention of application officers and readers is one of the most important aspects to include.

  1. Include interesting aspects

In this case, it is not recommended to look for application letter templates. What we do not want here is to go unnoticed and equal to the others. So, each of your answers must be original and personal.

Of course, the content of the application letter should not be too extravagant. Therefore, the right balance should result in more than interesting content. The more attractive the content, the better it will be remembered by the readers.

  1. Respect the rules

One of the most important aspects of an application letter is to be original. However, this does not mean that you should avoid the guidelines and rules of the contest itself. Otherwise, you can easily be discarded by any judge.

It is important to combine intriguing, enjoyable, original content, and to stick to the rules of the game. So, you should not confuse being traditional concerning each of the guidelines of the procedure. Otherwise, your application card will look exactly like hundreds or thousands of others.

  1. Working with experts

By working with experts you will have the possibility to learn a lot of secrets. It is possible to do an impeccable job with them. You should keep in mind that the vast majority of application letters have at least one or two errors.

However, these are not mistaking that are made consciously. On the contrary, they are mistakes made by a large number of users who are new to the subject. Therefore, working with professionals will allow you to see beyond your knowledge.

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  1. Don’t lose sight of the main point

Another of the most common mistakes about this topic is to forget the main point. In these cases, certain secondary and unimportant information is included. It could be important information for you, but I assure you that it is not for the judges.

So, you should consider what the main point of your application letter is. The important thing here is to allow the judges to get to know you. For that, not all of your life is important. The most important thing is to answer, why are you the best candidate for the scholarship?

  1. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation

The best content of all that you can incorporate into your application letter can easily be discarded. What happens here is that you must check the grammar and punctuation of your letter. At this point, we want to use words that are appropriate for a judge.

Maya Geller, a consultant in the education sector for SupremeDissertations, says: “How true can a professional who has bad grammar and spelling be? It is simply something that does not match. Therefore, being a professional not only covers the area of expertise, but also the complementary aspects.”

Along with this, spelling is another obvious aspect that needs to be reviewed. It is a minimal aspect that may be sufficient for discarding. Remember that there are thousands of cover letters and application letters waiting to be submitted. Therefore, good spelling is one more reason to stay in the competition.

  1. Do not follow common parameters 

Each of the judges does not expect to read what they are supposed to read. When this happens, it is usually a letter of application that does not stand out from the rest. That is why you can skip the normal answers is that everyone uses.

Instead, it is a good opportunity for you to express what you want. In this way, each judge will be able to feel that you are committed to your application. There are a lot of applicants who are not involved with your application.

Besides, judges are real experts in detecting these kinds of aspects. So, the only way to convince a judge is to write the truth. Besides, one of the most valued aspects is the sincerity and honesty of each applicant.

  1. Obvious conclusions are a crime

Any competent judge can come to the obvious conclusions of any case. So, when obvious conclusions are included, then the application letter becomes just another one in the pile.

Also, you would easily lose the attraction you have gained throughout the content. In this case, it is advisable to use other types of resources. One of them is to justify why your application letter is relevant.

In turn, you can use open questions to mark your future professional interests. This is another way for the judge to get to know you. When you manage to express your deepest concerns, you are also showing your aspirations. In other words, you will be incorporating a perfect ending for your application letter to outdo the rest.


No matter which scholarship you’re applying for and what your background is, you need to be authentic and straightforward if you want to attract and keep the attention of the person who’s going to be reading through your application.


Dorian Martin is an education expert, senior writer and editor at TrustMyPaper and TopEssayWriting. Personally, he’s interested in travelling and learning about different cultures.