Youth Exchange: Art of Understanding

Location: Adamov, Czech Republic

Dates: 21 August – 1 September 2017

Number of participants: 30

Participating countries: United Kingdom, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Czech Republic

Organizer: Brno Connected

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Deadline to apply: 1 July 2017

Inquiries about this training course: Justinas at

Costs: This project is financed by the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme. The project has been financed by the Erasmus+ programme. The costs related to accommodation and food will be completely covered by the hosting organisation and the travel costs will be covered according to the Erasmus+ standards as it follows:
– United Kingdom, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria: 275€
– Hungary: 180€
– Czech Republic: 20€

There is a participation fee of €50/person to contribute to the project costs.

Art of Understanding

Download infopack here: Art of Understanding – youth exchange – Czech Republic –

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Come and discover how you create your reality and relationships through the way of communicating with yourself and others.
Join us and find new ways how to authentically connect to one another, to share and to express your ideas and needs.


„Art of Understanding“ is a 10-day youth exchange that brings together young people from the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, UK and Hungary, creating a diverse group in which we will explore the topics of intrapersonal and interpersonal communication and personal development.

You will get an opportunity to explore your communication patterns, develop your creativity and proactivity, create authentic relations with other and with yourself and discover your potential. It will also be about self-expression and cooperation with others, regardless of your cultural or social background. It is an intense personal development project during which you can expect 10 full days of personal development activities, outdoor physical activities, creative workshops, discussions, reflections and much more. The whole programme is very experiential and based on “learning by doing” approach.

The project if for you if:

You are 18 – 30 years old ( plus one group leader per group that can be older than 30)
You are a registered inhabitant of the Czech Republic, Hungary, UK, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece
You are unemployed, between jobs or soon to be looking for job
You want to improve your personal and professional competences and work on your communication skills
You are willing to live, learn, play, inquire, reflect, experiment and explore in a multicultural group
You are physically and mentally ready to take on 10-14 hours per day of programme
You are able to work in English
You are highly motivated and willing to actively participate during the whole project

You will have opportunity to develop:

Communication skills
Creativity and proactivity
Learning and personal development skills
Leadership skills
Cooperation skills
Planning and organisation skills Flexibility
Ability to identify and use your own potential
…and much more!

Our approach

The programme is using the approach of “Basic Synergy Training”, the first step
in the Synergy Trainings (a method shared in the International Synergy Group).

The approach used in this project is based on empowerment, meaning we will create
a safe environment for learning for you. We find it important not just for young people, but for everyone to become active learners through their whole lives. With our approach we would like to support the development of your skills and attitudes.
The learning process is designed as a whole and this requires full-time participation.

Methods of training

– experiential learning – simulated situations – discussions
– outdoor activities
– peer education
– coaching and open sharing …and many others


DAY 1 – 4: Self-discovery, roles and patterns, communication and cooperation, trust

DAY 5 – 6: Workshops

DAY 6-7: Outdoor experience

DAY 10: Evaluation, closing


The trainers of the programme are Norbert Hochstein (HU) and Katka Martinkova (CZ), who will be supported by a small international team that is experienced in the methodology of the training.


Arrival: Monday 21st August, 2 – 6 pm

Departure: Friday 1st September, 8 – 11 am

We expect you to participate in the whole programme.
(It means coming later or leaving earlier is not allowed)


During the training you will live together with other participants in a group accommodation at the ecocentre Svycarna ( that is situated 3km from the town of Adamov. The area is called Moravian Karst, which is one of the most important karst area of Central Europe.

It is in a remote area in a beautiful nature which provides peace and perfect conditions for calming one ́s mind, concentrating and creating connections with others.

You will be sharing rooms in smaller groups of people; there are shared showers and toilets. The accommodation is very simple; you will be taking part in light housework such as daily cleaning, dish washing, etc.

There is wireless wifi available.
We will have meals 3 times a day prepared by the kitchen staff; smaller coffee breaks will be available during the day.

Costs and Fees

The training is funded through Erasmus+ programme, thus accommodation, food, materials, the programme and the travel costs up to the maximum allowed amount are fully covered.

Participation fee is 50€ per person and you pay it upon arrival.
(If you can ́t afford to pay the fee, contact us and we will discuss individual agreements)

Reimbursement Info

According to the rules of the Erasmus+ programme you can get your travel costs reimbursed up to amount stated in the table above, depending on the place you are travelling from and its distance. If your travel costs are lower or same as this amount, you get reimbursement of 100% of your real travel costs. If your travel costs are higher than the maximum reimbursable amount, the difference is covered by you. That’s why we recommend to book your ticket as soon as you receive the confirmation letter, since they are often much cheaper when bought in advance.

To be eligible for reimbursement, we ask you to keep all your tickets, boarding passes and invoices (originals). ONLY if you have the travel tickets, boarding passes and invoices we are able to reimburse your travel costs!

We will only reimburse your travel cost if you participate in the training. The reimbursement is done after the project, once you send us the originals of the tickets


To apply, fill in the online application form, latest by the 15th June.

The participants will be selected by sending organisations, in cooperation with Brno Connected. Selection is done based on the profile and motivation of applicants.

If you are accepted for the project you will receive a ”Confirmation letter’’ with more practical information regarding the accommodation, the exact address of the venue and directions how to reach it.


Download here: Art of Understanding – youth exchange – Czech Republic –

Download the PDF file .