Youth Exchange: EcoAmbassadors

Location: Alsótold, Hungary

Dates: 11-20 of July

Number of participants: 30

Participating countries: United Kingdom, Hungary, Spain, Greece, Romania

Organizer: ReCreativity

Apply hereApplication form

Deadline to apply: 25 May 2017, we select participants on a first come first in basis if the candidate matches the profile

Date of selection: 28 May 2017, immediately, if the candidate matches the profile

Inquiries about this training course: Justinas at

Costs: This project is financed by the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme. The project has been financed by the Erasmus+ programme. The costs related to accommodation and food will be completely covered by the hosting organisation and the travel costs will be covered according to the Erasmus+ standards as it follows:
– United Kingdom, Greece, Romania: 275€
– Spain: 360€
There is a participation fee of €50/person to contribute to the project costs.


Youth exchange – EcoAmbassadors – Hungary –

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The 9 days long exchange will happen between 11-20 of July, in a beautiful Hungarian village ‘Alsótold’! In this Information Letter you find all the details you need to know about the programme, the method, and how to apply. This program is organized by ReCreativity Social Enterprise and financed by the Erasmusplus Programme

What is it?

EcoAmbassadors is an international Youth Exchange where you will meet 30 young people from 5 different countries: Hungary, Spain, Greece, Romania and the United Kingdom! During the 9 days of the exchange you will have the chance to:

  • Make new friends, meet young people from different cultures, be part of an integrated and very diverse group
  • Experience true inclusion by taking part in team buildings, a one day outdoor program, and through creating together!
  • Learn simple and fun creative recycling techniques: there will be several creative recycling workshops where you create objects out of ‘waste’ materials: accessories, musical instruments, bags, holders, wallets, games  out of plastic, textile, paper, wood and many more! We will cut, paint, sew, hammer, knit, stick, carve, fold, etc
  • Share these techniques with other young people during the project and after with the rest of the world!
  • Get inspired by creative designers, freelancers, artists and entrepreneurs!
  • Discover the beautiful nature of Nógrád county

To whom?

Apply, if you are:

  • between 17-30 years old
  • from Hungary, Spain, Greece, Romania or the UK
  • motivated to learn from others
  • eager to share creative recycling techniques


Apply if you are:

  • 18+
  • motivated to work with an integrated group
  • motivated to support the logistics of the exchange
  • you participated in ReCreativity program before

In this exchange there will be 30 young people all together. Young people living with light mental- and/or phisical disabilities are also very welcome, since the program is designed for an integrated group! The language of the exchange will be English, if you have a strong basic knowledge of English it is enough to express yourself and understand the others during the program!

The program will be led by Anna Sipos, trainer and Co-Founder of ReCreativity and an international team.


The exchange will happen in Alsótold, Hungary. Alsótold is a lovely small village in Nógrád county, surrounded by hills and mountains. Toldi House is a social enterprise functioning as group accommodation, there are rooms with 2-4 beds, each with a separated shower. The staff also stands for sustainability, they collect the waste separately, and they buy ingredients for the food from local producers. There are spaces to socialize, a big garden, a fireplace, and a training room which is 3 minutes walk from the accommodation. Check it here:

Join us!

Greece – Synergy Flow – Anna Cheimona

Hungary – ReCreativity Social Enterprise – Katica Szabó

United Kingdom – – Justinas Brikys –

Spain – AJ Intercambia – Pedro Munoz –

Romania – Asociata DOWN Bucuresti – Daniela Stefania Manea –


Travel reimbursement: After the exchange you get back the costs of travel up to maximum 360€/person from Spain, and up to maximum 275€/person from Greece, Romania, United Kingdom

Participation contribution: We ask You to pay 50€/person to contribute to the project costs

Do NOT book any tickets until you get a Confirmation e-mail from us



  • 11th of July until 15:00 to Budapest (from Budapest you will be taken to Alsótold by a common, ordered bus)

Program starts

  • 11th of July 18:00 in Alsótold

Program finishes

  • 19th of July late evening


  • 20th of July 10:00 from Budapest

How to apply?

If you decided to take part in this program, and apply, fill in the application form and send it to Katica Szabó AND to the partner organisation from Your country. Below you find the contacts! Application deadline: 25th of May!!!

Let’s connect! If You have any questions about the program, travel, how  to apply, what to expect, feel free to contact the project manager Katica Szabó via!