Youth Exchange: Empower yourself, catch your dream

Location: Sicily, Italy

Dates: 03-11 April 2019 (travel days included)

Number of participants: 32

Participating countries: Italy, Croatia, Spain, Romania, France and Greece

Age: 6 socio-cultural operators (1 per country) and 24 young people aged 18-25, of which 12 with fewer opportunities,

Organizer: The Rising Stars

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Costs: 25 Euro Participation fee (Accommodation and food:  will be 100% covered for the whole duration of the project)

Empower yourself, catch your dream

Youth unemployment marks many inequalities within the EU, the European average is 53%, but in the following countries: Greece 25%, Italy 29%, Croatia 43%, Spain 34%, France 50% and Romania 40%. This is why we have proposed this project and invited the countries mentioned above.

The two main ways that we intend to follow to contribute to raising youth employment underline the problems and needs of young people at this time in history. The first problem is related to young people who do not have the tools to get closer to the job market (eg. they do not have a CV, they can not write a motivational letter, they do not know how to best deal with a job interview). Another problem is related to those young people who already have the basic tools to enter the job market, but it doesn’t present suitable job opportunities for their acquired skills. In this direction we want to promote entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship.

The project objectives are the following:
– To give a common and multicultural space to young people to reflect on the issue of youth unemployment.
– To strengthen the skills of young people for a correct preparation of a CV (Europass), drafting a motivational letter and participating in a job interview.
– To increase youth awareness in the field of entrepreneurial tools, the world of start-ups and social entrepreneurship.
– To disseminate the Erasmus + program and the recognition of non-formal learning, developing at the same time the European feeling.
– To support all the young people involved in the project in order to be, together with the partner associations, as a constant and real aid for their personal and professional fulfillment.

The main activity will be a youth exchange that will take place in Messina from 06/03/2018 to 12/03/2018. The exchange will involve 32 participants, 6 socio- cultural operators (1 per country) and 24 young people aged 18-25, of which 12 with fewer opportunities, coming from 6 different countries: Italy, Croatia, Spain, Romania, France and Greece.

The tools and methodologies that we will use during the 7 days of activity are many, the main ones are: debates, simulations, presentations, brainstorming, reflection groups, energizers, group building, ice breakers, video making.

Participant’s profile:

The target group we have identified is composed by young people aged from 18 to 25 who have encountered problems in accessing the job market and who would like to acquire the minimum skills to be able to start their own business.


The project’s venue is “Oasi Azzurra Village” (, which has a theater, a bar, a swimming pool, a large area for the activities and a disco for the evenings. We will also make some cultural visits around Sicily.

Travel costs:

You have to pick the most economic way to reach the project location. Maximum refundable per country:
Italy – 20 euro
Croatia – 180 euro
France – 180 euro
Greece – 180 euro
Spain – 275 euro
Romania – 275 euro

There is a participation fee of 25 euro, which includes the trips to Messina, Milazzo and Tindari and some soft drinks during the evening programme.


The closest airport to Messina is the one located in Catania, “Fontanarossa”, since it’s the biggest in Sicily we suggest it to all our participants. If you arrive there, outside the airport there will be many buses, you have to pick the one who is going to Messina. The bus will bring you to the central bus station, we will be there to pick you up ;) For the way back we suggest you to pick a plane after 10 am since there are no buses for reaching the airport before.

If you want to stay more in Sicily you can travel for a maximum of 2 days before and after the project, in this case you need to pay for your own accommodation.


Every national team has to prepare a presentation about the youth unemployment situation in their own country. You can make it by a video, a powerpoint presentation or just talking, but try to make it in a funny and nice way! There will be an intercultural night, please bring with you some national products (food, drinks) and prepare something to present your country. Bring with you a swimming suite, there is a swimming pool inside the accommodation, but also a nice beach 20 seconds by walking.

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