Youth Exchange: Less Food Loss

Location: Hungary

Dates: 6-18 August 2019

Number of participants: 7 from UK and in total 35 participants

This call is for UK participants only and 18-30 years old!

Participating countries: UK, Bulgaria, Spain, Slovakia, Hungary

Organizer: Vidéken Jó! Alapítvány

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Deadline to apply: Immediate acceptance

Inquiries about this training course: Justinas at

Costs: Youth Exchange is funded by Erasmus+, thus:

  • Traveling, accommodation, food, programme, materials are free.
  • Administration fee (non returnable) is £30.

Less Food Loss

Download the infopack here: Less Food Loss youth exchange Hungary,

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More than one third of all food bought in Europe goes to waste. By throwing out these left-overs, you not only waste the food, but also the water and solar energy that was used to grow these plants. This is harmful to the environment and is also a question of morals. While we waste our food and resources, in other parts of the world people live in poverty and starvation. We throw out more than 88 million tons of food per year. By 2025 European Parliament representatives would like to reduce this wastage by 30%. Then 50% by 2030, compared to 2014. More than half of all food waste comes from households. Consumers are rarely aware of the problems caused by this.

Let’s join the Parliament’s initiative with our knowledge and experience in our own field, in order to achieve this goal! Most people will only appreciate the consumed goods if they can directly or indirectly take part in producing them or at least get some insight on the process. The goal of the project is to get the participants involved in the journey of food from garden to table and the way of renewable waste back to the garden. This way we might start valuing our food and not just see it as a cheap and disposable commodity, but as something valuable.


Szaporca is a small village in South Hungary, as part of the Ormánság geographical region. The population of the village is 213 inhabitants. The village has an original traditional appearance. There are natural environment: forests and fields, Drava river, Kisinci Lake, Hétöles Lake, Fekete Víz river, National Park, bike path. The reformed church, built in 1888, is located in the middle of the village where the 3 tiny streets meet. The local houses are mostly built 100 or more than 100 years ago.

There are a bus station, a local pub, a reformed church, a house of tradition, a major office and the Szaporcai Cifraház in the village. Szaporca is found in the Ormánság region of Hungary. The people here are economically and socially disadvantaged. Szaporca is approximately 3 meter from Kémes village with 500 inhabitants and 300 meter from Tésenfa with 180 inhabitants. The closest small city is Harkány 12 km away, the closest big city is Pécs 40 km away. Check the google!

Vidéken Jó! (=It is good to be in rural areas!) Foundation works in Szaporcai Cifraház community place in Szaporca. The aim of the organisation is to preserve the built, natural, agricultural and social values of the village and the surrounding. We discover traditions and transfer it into the modern life. We live according to the rural lifestyle including handcrafts, self sufficiency. We develop and reconstruate by using traditional building methods the center of the organisation called Szaporcai Cifraház (means Colorful house of Szaporca) and use it for community place. We organise cultural and artistic events as Cifra workshop for children, film watching, sharing different gastronomies, photo exhibitions etc. There are different event during the year, we join the national days of the rural traditions in April, Bőköz Festival in August and Day of Heritages in September.


Less Food Loss - Erasmus plus Youth Exchange - Hungary -

Less Food Loss – Erasmus plus Youth Exchange – Hungary –

Less Food Loss - Erasmus plus Youth Exchange - Hungary -

Less Food Loss – Erasmus plus Youth Exchange – Hungary –

Breakfast, lunch and dinner for all the participant during the youth exchange are going to be held in Szaporcai Cifraház. There will be internet connection at Szaporcai Cifraház, but not for all day, because we prefer the participants talk to each other, feel the nature and forget a bit about the virtual life. Of course if you have some extra task on internet, you can use whenever you want, otherwise we will have wifi hours during the day!


  • Participants and group leaders will be accommodated in guesthouses in Szaporca and Tésenfa.
  • In the guesthouses 4-5 person will sleep in one room.
  • There will be all bed clothes and towel at the accommodation. For the bathroom slippers, shower gel etc are needed to bring.
  • There is no internet connection at the accommodation.We are asking for silence after 22.00 pm, because there is a silence regulation after 22.00 pm.


  • Please respect the regulation and law of Hungary.
  • Drugs are strongly forbidden!
  • Alcohol is not allowed for participants under 18 and during the workshops, breaks.
  • In the evening you can drink alcohol, but please keep your limit. This project is not about the all night long party.
  • Being silent after 22.00 pm.
  • Gate of the accommodation must be closed.
  • Be responsible for the environment and the accommodation houses!
  • You must take part in the workshops and activities offered by the organisers and written in the
    program plan.


Hungarian airport called Liszt Ferenc airport, located in Budapest. From Budapest Airport we will manage your travel to Szaporca. We contact your group leader for detailed infos.

You can come by own car to the project! In this case please contact us! We can reimburse travel cost according to the real travel distance in km and the type of the car. (Slovakian and Bulgarian team are close to come by car).

ARRIVAL DAY: 6 AUGUST until 15.00 pm to Budapest airport
DEPARTURE DAY: 18 AUGUST from 8.00 am from Szaporca

Travel Cost Reimbursement

Vidéken Jó! Foundation will cover the travel costs up to the maximum amount available for each participant between the hometown and Szaporca at the beginning of the project and at the end of it.

Country Maximum travel cost for one person

  • United Kingdom 275 euro
  • Spain 275 euro
  • Bulgaria 275 euro
  • Slovakia 180 euro
  • Hungary 0 euro

In order to be eligible for reimbursement you need to:
– take an active part in all phases of the project;

– find the most cost-efficient travel option available to you

-provide all required travel documents (flight itinerary and boarding passes, bus and train tickets).

– invoice for the following address:



We reimburse the travel cost in one amount for the partner organisations and they will share the
money for all the participants after the project!



Hungarian currency is Forint (Ft), 1 euro is approximately 322 Forint. There is no possibility to exchange money in the village of Szaporca.

For what do you need money? Only your extra needs. For example ice cream, chocolate, sweets, juice etc. from the local shop. There is one shop (including the bar) in the village open from 5.30 am until 22.00 pm.


Tasks before the project:

– Discover which initiatives are in your country for using the leftovers of food.
– What kind of political decisions are existing in your country decrease the food loss?
– Please take a look and bring some examples from your country!
– Prepare for the intercultural evening with interestin quiz about your culture, dance or music! Less Youtube movies!


The partner organisations select the participants and the group leaders coming to the project. 6 participants (age 18-30) + 1 group leader (no age limit) per country.

Daily Activities

Programme of Less Food Loss - Erasmus plus Youth Exchange - Hungary -

Programme of Less Food Loss – Erasmus plus Youth Exchange – Hungary –

Programme of Less Food Loss - Erasmus plus Youth Exchange - Hungary -

Programme of Less Food Loss – Erasmus plus Youth Exchange – Hungary –

Workshop program are the following:

1. Building (fruit, vegetable) dryer
2. Baking bread
3. Pasta making
4. Food preserving
5. Making compost box
6. Media (broshure, photos, short video report)

Breakfast (8.00-9.00), lunch (13.00-15.00) and dinner (19.00-20.00) are provided every day.

Less Food Loss - Erasmus plus Youth Exchange - Hungary -

Less Food Loss – Erasmus plus Youth Exchange – Hungary –

Who we are expecting to the project?

Young people who:

  • Are able to „live” for 2 weeks in a tiny Hungarian village,
  • Has interest to how to reduce the leftovers of the food, how to make food product not only to take from the selves of supermarkets,
  • Can spend time during the day without internet,
  • Has respect to the nature and sustainability,
  • Has respect to the local people in the village (for example don’t make noise after 22.00 pm)
  • Are courious for a traditional village,
  • Interested for learning new handcraft,
  • Open to meet new people from different country.


Administration fee (non returnable) is £30.