Training course: CLOWN with me…!

Location: Latvia

Dates: 20-31 October 2017

Number of participants: 24 (each country sends 7 participants of age 18-27 years old + 1 leader of unlimited age)

Participating countries: United Kingdom, Italy, Latvia

Organizer:  Serge Lee art synthesis society

Apply here: application form

Deadline to apply: 1 October 2017

Inquiries about this training course:


  • The project is co-funded by Erasmus+, thus Programme, Accommodation, Food are 100% FREE:
  • Traveling is FREE. Reimbursment for traveling comes after the project, up to the limits of:
    • 0 € for Latvia
    • 275 € for Italy and United Kingdom
  • There is €20 (£18) participation fee.

The CLOWN with me…!

Download the infopack here:  Infopack_clown – The CLOWN with me…! youth exchange – Latvia –

Download the PDF file .

About the project

The aim of the project: to introduce a clown role in the public life and in the field of health, thus promoting youth creativity, personal growth and skills, to encourage young people to participate in the public life in their own countries as well as in the European level.

Main project activities: ice – breaking activities, uniting activities, making the acquaintance with a professional clown, the acquiring different styles of the clown work, choreography classes, Dr. Clown’s performance in the hospital, Clown’s show in the children’s community “Priedīte”, Clowns show and flesh mob in the Central park of the Daugavpils city.

Methodology: discussions, presentations, sketches, different kind of staging, brainstorm, experience stories and experience in exchange, group work, etc.

Impact: young people will broaden their horizons, expand their creativity and increase competitiveness. Thus the work with the young people and non-formal education methods will be promoted. Organizations will raise their capacity, get important European experience organizing this project, organizations will exchange their contacts, experience and other information. All project participants will get YOUTHPASS certificate.


  • to encourage young people to engage in social work;
  • to promote intercultural communication;
  • to introduce young people with the culture of Latvia and with other member states’ cultures;
  • to familiarize young people with artistic and creative environment;
  • to increase the level of competencies and skills of the participants;
  • to organize the project activities taking into account non-formal education principles;
  • to ensure that young people involved into this project are joint, develop and learn;
  • to provide common, team group and individual activities during all period of the project;
  • to ensure young people with all necessary equipment during all the activities of the project;
  • to promote ERASMUS+ program and its opportunities for young people from the European Union; • to visit Daugavpils regional hospital and participate in the promotion of the “Doctor – Clown”
  • to visit children’s community “Priedīte” and to show the clowns concert;
  • To organize public event “Dāvini berniem prieku” (“Give joy to the children”);

Due to the plan, the participants will take part in the project all together. Participants will represent – Latvia, United Kingdom and Italy.

The project activities will last 12 days, during which there will be held various theoretical and practical studies concerning the project themes. All the project participants will live in the hotel ERFOLG (Nometņu street 25, Daugavpils) which is situated in Daugavpils centre. Main project activities will run in the office of society or in the circus studio.

Now each partner should complete their participants as soon as possible which is the first step for preparation, because groups should start to buy their tickets. Every participant has to fill in application form which will be posted to the Facebook group of this project. Join it!


Travel costs will be covered according to distance calculator according to distance between place where participants live to venue of the project.

Travel costs will be covered according to distance calculator according to distance between place where participants live to venue of the project.
London – Daugavpils 1808,61 = 275 EUR
Bologna – Daugavpils 1658,18 = 275 EUR
Sfantu Gheorghe – Daugavpils = 1115,03 =275 EUR

Travel costs mean all costs to get from the participants’ home to the project venue and back. The participants will have to bring with them all of their original tickets, receipts and boarding passes as we will collect all of them at the end of the activities. In addition, participants are required to send us by post all of their original return tickets, receipts and boarding passes within 1 month of their departure from Daugavpils otherwise we will not be able to refund them.

NB! Please keep in mind, that without the original tickets, receipts and boarding passes, we cannot reimburse your money! The reimbursement of travel costs will be made by bank transfer when everybody sent their boarding passes and fulfill all our obligations.

Arrival and Departure

20 October – Arrival day

21 October – 1st day

30 October – last 10th day

31 October – departure day

If you arrive to Riga we recommend you to use train or bus services to get to Daugavpils (Riga – Daugavpils). Buses could be found here:


*Presentation about your country;
*prepare energizers, group and team work, ice-breakings, outdoor activities; *prepare activities for national evening (games, songs, dances,
*prepare exercises for morning activities;
*prepare recipes for national food;
*different presentations about clowns job and meaning of circus;
*costumes or other necessary props for clowns performance;
*Timely prepared small reprises for activities: Dr. Clown, before heading to orphanage “Priedīte” and a public event in Central park.
*Board games for free time activities. Timely preparation for the project will ensure that all the participants of the project will be acquainted with the topic of the project and that all the parties are involved in the organization of the project and duties are divided similarly.
*Timely preparation in your country for the activities “Clown evening” and “Circus evening”
*to ensure that all the participants understand clowns work, they need to organise an event in their organization before the project activities, where as a method clowns work would be used.

Practical arrangements

*comfortable clothes and shoes;
*hygiene items for 12 days;
*cameras, notebooks, charget batteries, battery charger, mobile phone; *medicines – if you need them (anti-allergy pills, pain killers, etc.); *bring leaflets of your organization and your cities;
*bring a little flag of your county;