Youth Exchange: The future is here, TECHknowledge

Location: Luxembourg city, Luxembourg 

Dates: 26 February06 March 2019

Number of participants: 35

Participating countries: Luxembourg, Macedonia, Slovakia, Romania, Estonia, Spain

Organizer: ReAct Luxembourg

Apply here: application form

Deadline to apply: 28 January 2019

Costs:  Accommodation and food:  will be 100% covered for the whole duration of the project

Travel Costs: You will be reimbursed 100% of your actual travel costs for the way to Luxembourg and back. The reimbursement will be made in cash on the last day of the project. However, there is a limit that we cannot exceed. (Travel costs will be reimbursed only if you take part in ALL the activities foreseen for the project.)

Participation fee:  There’s an obligatory participation fee of 40 Euros per participant.

The future is here, TECHknowledge

This project will bring 35 young people from 6 different countries to reveal the latest uptodate EU initiatives for technological advancement. The participants will share information, teach each other and improve various competences related to technology.


The project will start by a technological blackout, a challenge called Back to rootswhere participants will practice old school social games for 24 hours without the use of any technological gadgets. The challenge will provide participants with an overview of life without the use of modern technology and create the link towards understanding the importance of technology in our modern society.

The next phase of the project will focus on revealing the initiatives under The digital single market EU strategy through various nonformal workshops prepared by participants themselves. Throughout the workshops, the participants will acquire useful information, discuss, brainstorm and reflect on the possibilities offered by each of these priorities. The group will be presented with the curve of technological development within the last 100 years, digital skills and jobs, ehealth and telemedicine, online trust and security and the general data protection regulation, eCall and smart cars.

The participatory workshops will include nonformal methods chosen by each country team during the preparation phase. Each country team will prepare a nonformal based workshop where one of the above mentioned initiatives will be explored in depth. The participants will record short advertisement videos to promote the priority explored within their workshop.

Profile of participants:

Motivated young people willing to share the volunteering spirit.
5 young participants (1825) from each country plus 1 group leader (of any age).

It is important to maintain gender balance in the group.

English will be the working language of this project, which is why we find it important that each participant has at least basic knowledge of the language.

Good mood, happy faces and positive energy are more than welcomed.

You will need:

– Sleeping bag or blanket – Towels and hygiene essentials – Warm clothes – Camera, laptop and anything that will make your life and work easier

– Ideas, ice-breakers and traditional dances for your national evening – Posters, leaflets, cards, videos and typical music of your country – Materials, stickers and brochures of your organization (if any)


Download here:  Youth Exchange- The future is here, TECHknowledge- 

Download the PDF file .