Youth Exchange: Tree of life

Location: Argos, Greece

Dates: 16-23 October 2019

Number of participants: 35 participants

Participating countries: Greece, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Latvia

Organizer: Hopeland

Apply here: Application form

Deadline for application: 17 August 2019

Inquiries about this training course:

Costs: training course is funded by Erasmus+:

  • 100% accommodation, food and program materials are free, covered by the grant from Erasmus+
  • 100% traveling costs are covered, up to the maximum expenses:
    • €245 / Bulgaria, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia
    • €330 / Latvia, Spain
    • €0 / Greece
    • Keep in mind that we already keep 30€ from your travel amount in
      order to pay the bus Athens – Hopeland – Athens.
  • Programme fee is €50.
    • We ask from participants to contribute to the programme by investing 50€.
    • We are open to alternative ways of contribution. This programme is for everyone.

Youth Exchange – Tree of life

  • Do you like outdoors?
  • Are you an environmentalist?
  • Do you wonder what can each one of us do for sustainability?
  • Do you want to change your daily life, your work, your communities?
  • Do you want to join us, to care and to take action for a more sustainable world?

Download infopack here: Youth Exchange – Tree of life – Greece –

Download the PDF file .

About the Project

“Tree of life” is a learning experience to raise awareness about sustainability challenges, connect to nature, the people around us and our own inner motivation and support each other to take action for a better place.

During the 8 days, 35 young people will have the opportunity to exchange opinions about sustainable challenges, acquire new skills and techniques through practical experience of a simulative sustainable community in a holistic way and working in teams to create new projects for their communities through the experience they gained. The purpose is through this experience to promote change and initiatives to solve the sustainability challenges around us.

Programme of the Project

The first days, we will have the opportunity to reflect and raise awareness about the sustainable challenges and the initiatives that you would like to work and connect them with Hopeland and to simulative a sustainable community we would like to build.

The idea is to contribute in groups in Tree of life activities you want in Hopeland concerning sustainability (eco farming and permaculture activities, conservation activities such as paths and tree related activities, building with natural techniques, cook vegetable meals etc) and learn new things with sustainability and leadership workshops.

After the Tree of life activities we will visit a near farm to see how they embed sustainability or a near winery to learn how wine in the area (Hopeland is close to one of the most famous wine areas in Greece) is made.

Then, you will work with groups to design or think new projects to promote change after the project along with the dissemination activity which will take place as a community event in the area around Hopeland to disseminate the results of the programme and what we learned and created during the previous days.

After the project you will be ready to do a follow up event and/or contribute to a certain challenge you want to work with.

Participants of the Project

This programme is for you if you are:

  • 18-30 years old from Greece, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Czechia, Italy, Spain, Latvia
  • Interested in sustainability and make change
  • Willing to live and experience a simulation of sustainable community for 8 days
  • Keen to enhance your self-development
  • Eager to start creating change for sustainability

Priority will be given to:

  • young people who have fewer opportunities to be engaged in such projects
  • participants of previous Hopeland projects

About Hopeland

Hopeland-Elpidohori is a venture that aims at creating and supporting activities for parents, children and youth regarding the Environment, Tradition, Culture and Personal Development, while also promoting sustainability in all levels. It aims at setting an example of self-sufficiency.

Some of its main objectives are natural building, natural farming, recycling, respect for nature and reducing the ecological footprint. Its facilities are also offered to other projects that share common goals and values.

Starting in 2018, it marks its second seven-year period, focusing on strengthening relations abroad, hosting young people seeking knowledge by participating in actions organized through various programs such as Erasmus+, World School Project, environmental excursions for Greek or European students, and others. The original vision of it being a family refuge remains active and optimistic, hoping that the Greek parent will perceive the greater part of how good relationships with their children and informal learning are more important concepts than performance in formal education.

Considering optimism, hope and faith as the main components of life, despite all the harsh conditions, Hopeland will be, as much as life allows it, what its name signifies. It is and will remain the land of Luminous Hope.