Youth exchange: Unplugged!

Location: Hopeland, Argos, Greece

Dates: 6 -14 October 2020

Number of participants: 35 participants

Participating countries: Spain, Latvia, Bulgaria, Italy, Austria, Greece, UK

Organizer: Hopeland

Apply here: Application form

Deadline to apply: 31 August 2020

Inquiries about this project: Justinas at

Costs: Youth exchange is co-funded by Erasmus+:

  • 100% accommodation, food and program materials are free, covered by the grant from Erasmus+
  • traveling costs are covered, up to the maximum expenses:
    • €0 / participant from Greece
    • €245 / participant from Italy, Bulgaria, Austria,
    • €330 / participant from Spain, Latvia, United Kingdom
  • Programme fee is €70, payable immediately after acceptance €20/£18 and €50 in Greece.


Download infopack here: Unplugged! – infopack Erasmus+ youth exchange – Greece –

Download the PDF file .

Are you ready to unplug?

Unplugged! means

✓ 9 days without an internet connection.
✓ 9 days without smartphones.
✓ 9 days without the laptop.
✓ 9 days without a watch.
✓ 9 days without social media.

⇝ Are you ready?
⇝ Are you aware of the impact that social media are having in your life?
⇝ Are you fully aware of your 5 senses?
⇝ Are you aware of how much time you spend during your day on the phone?

Let’s find it out!


In a fast way, hyper-connected by technological devices, where everything passes through a screen, work, communication, study; we want to re-explore the ability to unplug for a few days, reconnect with ourselves and others.

Technology is surrounding us everywhere – at work, on our laptops, smartphones or tablets. We have internet available 24/7 on any of our mobile devices so we can basically access anything we want, any time of the day, be it work-related or just fun. Besides work, technology is almost as hard to disconnect from unless you are really strict with yourself.


Unplug from the internet to plug with our soul.

Unplugging from our day to day tasks and interactions has a crucial role in keeping us afloat, with a healthy mind and body and balanced life. Having our mind plugged in constantly to different tasks, problems, technology or social interactions creates a false idea of productivity. Just being busy while your mind is tired doesn’t mean you are more productive.

Experience 9 days of disconnection and practice human reconnection, interpersonal and intrapersonal, through the 5 senses.


  • to raise awareness of the potential of the influence of the internet and technologies, both positive and negative.
  • to build self-confidence, to support to understand that we are not our profiles on social media and virtual realities, but much more.
  • to show an alternative to a technologically hyper-connected life, connecting to other people through our 5 senses, through art, music, sport
  • to live a period disconnected from the Internet
  • to work on how we can use technologies, the internet and social media in a positive way and solve problems of hyperconnection and dependencies

Who is participating?

As a GROUP LEADER, you are:
☛ 20+ years old,Youth Worker (working with young people) or Youth Leader (having an impact on young people)
☛ Interested in enhancing your mentoring abilities (you will be coached and mentored on it by our professionals)
☛ ready to support your national team with preparation for the experience We are bringing for 4 participants + 1 group leader coming from Greece, Spain, Latvia, Austria, Italy, Bulgaria and the UK.

As a PARTICIPANT, you are:
☛ 18-30 years old
☛ willing to live and learn outdoors for a week (meaning basic conditions: tent, outdoor cooking, limited shower, etc.)
☛ willing to unplug from the technology

* Priority will be given to people with fewer opportunities and Hopelanders group members (participants of previous programmes).



You will be asked to do an assignment before coming to help you explore and familiarize yourself with other participants, your national team, the project, and its context.


4th October – Arrival of leaders & organizers
5th of October – Arrival of participants
6th – 14th of October – Youth Exchange
15th of October 2020 – Departure day


You are expected to organize at least one event per country. Our partners will publish it online.


  • Day 1 “welcome” – an intro of the program, the intro of logistic and location, forming part of the stage of the group dynamic, important to set up the framework
  • Day 2 “disconnection” – we will start sharing statistic of the impact of technologies, introduce the Youthpass, make the reflection groups; then work on fears and expectation that disconnect, leave our phones
  • Day 3 “who we are” – we are going to build the human connections, activities to support the cooperation between participants, team building and sharing the first day of disconnection
  • Day 4 “sense of touch” – activities of body awareness to recognize what our body tells us, we are going to work also on fiscal signs of addictions and how we make decisions
  • Day 5 “sense of hearing” – how music influence our life, how the vibrations of music and sounds are important for us, we will work also in verbal communication, tones and loudness
  • Day 6 “sense of taste” – a moment of socialization through food, the importance of food in cultures and body
  • Day 7 “sense of smell” – going deep in the unconscious with aromatherapy workshop
  • Day 8 “sense of vision” – vision as sense and as the vision of future
  • Day 9 “conclusion” – Reconnection with technologies and closing activities


Accommodation, food and program materials are provided through co-funding from Erasmus+ program.

Travel Reimbursement

  • 330€ for Spain, Latvia, UK,
  • 245€ for Italy, Bulgaria, Austria and
  • 0€ for Greece.

Keep in mind that we already keep 30€ from your travel amount in order to pay the bus Athens – Hopeland – Athens. Thus you will have no costs between Athens – Hopeland – Athens.

Participants Contribution;

  • Programme fee is €70, payable immediately after acceptance €20/£18 and €50 in Greece. This contribution is directly going to the enhancement of the place (eco buildings, planting trees etc). It grants you also a lifetime connection with the place by planting literally your seed to Hopeland. We are open to alternative ways of contribution. This programme is for everyone.

Sustainable Travelling

As we are an eco organization, we promote sustainable travelling. We invite you to use more ecological means of transport such as bus and train to come. If it is not possible, and you take a flight to come, we are going to plant at least a tree per person in Hopeland to compensate one part of the CO2 emitting from your flights.


Hopeland is a venture that aims at creating and supporting activities for parents children and adults regarding the
Environment, Tradition, Culture and Personal Development, while also promoting sustainability in all levels.

It aims at setting an example of self-sufficiency. Some of its main objectives are natural building, natural farming, recycling, respect for nature and reducing the ecological footprint.

Hopeland is situated on a hill near the village Malandreni which is 4 km away where you can find small shops for shopping and coffee. Shops are limited and it’s not a walking distance so it is advised to bring your own supplies if needed.

It is located in a 7.7 acre piece of land, with age long olive trees and other fruit trees as well as native herbs and it is surrounded by a forest and boasts 5 oversize yew trees (which are protected by the local Forest Protection Service), as well as a 400-year-old oak tree.

The nearest town is Argos which is 12 km away where you can find anything from small shops to supermarkets, banks, post office, and bus station.

Keep in mind that for most of the time, we will be cut out of civilisation and its comfort and we will be disconnected most of
the time. You will have regular access to electricity and hot water, but not to the internet, shops, etc.


Accommodation during Unplugged is going to happen in Hopeland territory outdoors.

There are tents available which can host around 3- 5 people. But you will definitely need a sleeping bag. We can provide you pillows (only if you have a pillowcase) and thin sleeping mattress, if you want thicker, better bring your own. Also, we suggest to bring your own tent too.

There is a camping area with greenery for tents, olive and almond trees.

There are 4 common toilets: 2 in the guesthouse and 2 in the campsite. There are one indoor shower and 3 covered outdoor showers next to the guest house. 2 more showers are available in the camping area.

There is no washing machine, only washbasin. Electricity is provided through photovoltaics.

No hairdryers or any other heavy-duty electrical appliances are allowed as electricity is extremely limited.

There is an organic farm and some chickens in the garden. In the area, there is a lot of greenery, old oaks, olive trees and almond trees and in general mediterranean flora which aim to make the venue a real sustainable place.

COVID19 Regulations

The youth exchange will happen mostly outdoors but we apply to all the relevant international regulations provided by the Greek law and authorities. For these reasons, sleeping arrangements (mainly in big tents and 2-3 people per tent with apply and/or respect 1,5 metre distance between people) will apply in dining arrangements and common areas.


  • Spain – Asociason ESN Almeria –
  • Latvia – Biedriba Piedzivojuma Gars –
  • Austria – wEUnite –
  • Italy – Vagamondo –
  • Bulgaria – Smokinya Foundation –
  • UK – –
  • Greece – Hopeland –

Apply here: Unplugged!