Youth Exchange: Wild Camping

Location: Lithuania

  • Advanced Planned Visit (APV): Kaunas, Lithuania
  • Youth exchange (YE): Mančiagirė, Lithuania (YE)


  • Advanced Planned Visit (APV) for leaders: 6-9 May 2022
  • Youth exchange (YE) for youngsters 18-30 years old: 10-18 July 2022

Number of participants: 38

Participating countries: Lithuania, Armenia, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, UK, Poland

Organizer: Kaunas Capoeira

Apply here: application form – only for UK participants, if you are from other countries, please contact:

  • Lithuania:
  • Luxembourg: Gilles Evrard Essuman <>,
  • Spain: Asociación Experientia <>,
  • Armenia: Arsen Hayriyan <>,
  • Portugal: Maria Rebelo <>,
  • Poland: Medeina Foundation <>,
  • Poland: EU EDU Projects <>

Date of Selection: immediately, if you are right candidate

Inquiries about this training course: Justinas at


  • 100% accommodation, food and program materials are covered by the grant from Erasmus+
  • Traveling and COVID testing costs together (only the most economical and agreed before hand) are covered up to maximum of:
    • €20/participant for Lithuania
    • €180/participant for Poland
    • €275/participant for Luxembourg and the UK
    • €360/participant for Spain, Portugal, Armenia (+ €35 for Visa)
  • Programme fee is £20, payable immediately after the acceptance.

Wild Camping

Info pack for APV:  Wild camping APV – Erasmus plus – Lithuania –

Info pack for Youth exchange: Wild camping Youth exchange – Erasmus plus – Lithuania –

As the lives of youngsters become more and more sedentary, this leads them to neglect physical activity which is crucial for the human’s development at that age. The lack of physical activity leads to various health problems, including obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases. It also negatively affects the mental health of youngsters. Time spent in front of a TV or computer screen disturbs the normal psychological and social development: it adds to less curiosity, lower self- control, more distractibility, more difficulty making friends, less emotional stability, being more difficult to care for, and inability to finish tasks. One of the ways to improve youth’s mental and physical well-being is by wild camping.

Camping in nature offers many benefits for young people. It adds to the physical activity time, helps to build and strengthen relationships, teaches valuable lessons about self-reliance and teamwork. Basking in a forest can reduce psychological stress, depression symptoms and hostility towards others. It can also lift the mood, improve sleep, increase vigour and help to feel more alive.

Aims and Objectives of Wild Camping

The main goal of the project Wild Camping is boosting the social inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities with the means of physical outdoor activities.

In order to reach the main aim of the project, we have set out the following objectives:

• To raise youth’s awareness of a healthy lifestyle;

• To familiarise youth with the outlets for managing their physical and mental health;

• To learn how to do wild camping safely;

• To facilitate international youth collaboration on the topic;

• To spread the knowledge of the Erasmus+ programme and its benefits to wider audiences.

Advanced planning visit APV for leaders

Advance Planning Visit for the “Wild Camping” project will be hosted with the objectives: 1) to involve all the project partners in the preparation process and 2) ensure high-quality non-formal education learning outcomes of the participants of the youth exchange.

Practical arrangements, project management, organisational matters, educational relevance and more will be discussed, decided and arranged in detail during the APV. The participants will have to study the application in advance and come to the APV with their prepared suggestions for improvement. During the APV, YE activities planned, mentoring & support of the participants, rules to be followed, work with youth with fewer opportunities and result dissemination actions will be discussed and an upgraded plan on top of the one made during the application period will be set.

Before youth exchange

  • prepare to talk about social exclusion/inclusion situation in your community
  • present how outdoor activities are being used for social inclusion in their countries
  • in country teams, prepare to lead a special workshop on wild camping and different aspects of it. Each team will be able to choose from 4 topics (environment, healthy lifestyle, inclusion and self-reliance vs teamwork) and 4 methods (World Café, Open space workshop, Fishbowl conversation, Bohm Dialogue)
  • prepare possible additional activities or games to be presented while walking or sitting down near the campfire
  • share information about the project in your own networks
  • search for or think of original energizers, ice-breaking activities, ways for reflections, YouthPass usage and other non-formal education methods that might be used during the project.


Wild camping - Erasmus plus youth exchange -

Wild camping – Erasmus plus youth exchange –

After the youth exchange

  1. sharing photos and videos from the youth exchange;
  2. writing press releases, blog posts, articles to the digital mediaabout the project;
  3. sharing pictures with the slogans created during the youth exchange highlighting wild camping benefits;
  4. organising info-session for the local youth about the camping, social inclusion and this project;
  5. any other dissemination activities that youth came up with.


  1. team leaders (1 per country);
  2. youth with fewer opportunities (2 per country);
  3. youth interested to learn about social inclusion through physical outdoor activities (3 per country).



The participants will be accommodated in a hotel in Kaunas city centre (twin rooms). The hotel meets safety standards and is suitable for project needs – conference room, space for meals.

The place of stay: Kaunas

Youth exchange

  • The youth exchange will take place in Mančiagirė, a village in the Dzūkija National Park. The park is the largest protected area in Lithuania and the country’s most extensive forest.
  • Our base camp will be a rural tourism home. There will be electricity, Wi-fi, showers, toilets. For the first two days we will stay there, third to sixth days will be spent completely outdoors without any facilities and on the last day, the group will come back to the home.
  • We will hike around 10km every day.
  • Every participant must take a SLEEPING BAG.

Place is here.

Google maps here.

Wild camping - Erasmus plus - Lithuania -

Wild camping – Erasmus plus – Lithuania –

Wild camping - Erasmus plus - Lithuania -

Wild camping – Erasmus plus – Lithuania –

Wild camping - Erasmus plus - Lithuania -

Wild camping – Erasmus plus – Lithuania –

Wild camping - Erasmus plus - Lithuania -

Wild camping – Erasmus plus – Lithuania –



  • Kaunas airport – Kaunas city centre is reachable by direct bus route no 29/29E
  • Vilnius airport – Vilnius station (train, bus routes 1; 2; airport express) – Kaunas station (train, bus)
  • Every participants must purchase tickets with flexible dates and travel insurance for travel disruption/delay

Youth exchange

  • Kaunas airport – Kaunas station (bus route no 29/29E) – Varėna (bus) – Marcinkonys (bus)
  • Vilnius airport – Vilnius station (train, bus routes 1; 2; airport express) – Marcinkonys (bus)
  • Organisers will pick you up and take you to our base camp
  • Every participant must purchase travel tickets with flexible dates and insurance for travel disruption/delay

What to bring

  • Pack light!
  • Hiking backpack
  • Comfortable waterproof hiking shoes
  • Sleeping bag
  • Towel
  • Personal cosmetics, sunscreen, mosquito repellant
  • Sleeping bag and towel
  • Comfortable clothes – layers layers layers! Pack quick drying t-shirts, warmer jacket, swimsuit, extra socks
  • Insurance


  • All participants must have valid EU Digital COVID Certificate or other documentation
  • Additional rules and regulations to be clarified closer to coming to Lithuania
  • We do not have facilities for you to quarantine; if needed, you will have to pay additional costs for a quarantine location.
  • Before traveling, please ensure the rules to return home to your country. Will you need to be tested? Will you need to quarantine? If you need to test before returning home, this must be indicated on arrival so that testing can be scheduled within the specified time.

Health insurance

Health insurance is not provided and will not be reimbursed by the organisers. All participants are required to have a valid European Health Insurance Card + additional private insurance that covers COVID-19 cases.