37 participants from UK, Greece, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Spain, Italy, Romania gathered in the second part of Neurostory youth exchange in Kennington, United Kingdom.

NEUROSTORY connect young people from different countries and is a host a space where they can practice storytelling and media literacy skills. In 9 days we are co-creating a story lab, where we can deconstruct stories, craft them, express them, share them, play with them and pass them on.


Neurostory testimonials – Story – Erasmus plus youth exchange – United Kingdom

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We are discovering the composition of a story while crafting our own words.
Stories are personal, stories are also social and political. They shape our societies and our truth.
From creating stories to deconstructing social narratives, we practice playing with the meanings around us.

Expressing our authenticity, while connecting to others.
Improv is a funny way to create bridges above our differences.

Inviting movement in our bodies and narratives.
What in you want to move?

Diving into the stories that we live in. Bringing awareness to our ability to distinguish reality and communicate our needs.

We learn by creating, experimenting, and crafting. We exchange our knowledge in workshops, games, and creative sessions.
The door to knowledge are our hands.

Asking the questions that bring insights.
Bringing new skills into our own reality.

We share living, meals, memories, movements and stories.
Learning to connect to the other, while close to oneself.

Day 1 Play

Today our journey towards storytelling begins.

We arrive. Coming from different countries, speaking different languages, with different professions.

And one common passion… telling stories that create movement ❤

Today we learn about each other and find our rhythm as a group.

Day 2 Create

We explore stories as pathways to our subconscious mind, this well of inspiration, desires, longings, pain, and hidden information.

We start the day with movement. The inspirational facilitator Raluca Radulescu is guiding us to explore metaphors in movements. We play with our bodies and discover the opposites that live inside of us. How do I experience heavy and light, outside and inside, up and down?

We use DIXIT cards to search inside of us for the stories that are already living in our imagination and body.
Later Nikos Verros is guiding us through a process, in which we shape our stories. We get to know our characters and develop them. We learn about the inner conflicts that live in our characters.

The questions we stay with at the end of the day is… What is there that is not seen?

Day 2 and we dive into our creativity!

If you want to also explore and expand your creativity, you are welcome to our next exchange YOUNG MUSE (which will happen in February and MARCH).

Day 3 My Nature

Today we explore our inner movements and express them through the elements of nature.

We discuss what is important for us and what we need to feel safe and trust.

Later we will dive into shaping our stories.

It is a journey…

Day 4 Dare

Why do we tell stories?

We explore how a story is composed and what is hiding in its heart.

Inspired by Joseph Campbell and The Hero’s Journey, we write our own stories. Stories that connect us. Stories about our victories, pain, desires, fears and the lessons we have learned on the way.

At the end of the day, we challenge ourselves! We fly, holding hands. Trusting that the other person will hold us.

Day 5 Heroes and Heroines

Day 5 is in the hands of our inspiring group leaders.

They have created a special programme for us that includes movement, writing, outdoor inspirations, photography and most of all, CONNECTION!

We are getting deeper and deeper into our stories, shaping the main characters, illustrating the details and in this way, exploring our souls.

Day 6 Giving and Taking

Connection is born in the flow between giving and taking.

Today we ask:
* What do I want to take from the others?
* Am I willing to receive what people want to give to me?
* What is that people see in me?

We exchange our knowledge, skills and experience and in this way, we strengthen our connection.

Day 7 Reaching out

The world outside is so full of wonders!

Full of colours, people, stories, little objects that are telling us about connections…

Today we challenge ourselves to go out, travel and meet new people. The “strangers”. To ask them about their stories, about their lives.

We reach out to bring back the world inside of us.

We open up to get inspired by everyday things. To make the ordinary, extraordinary.

Day 8 The systems we are part of

For 7 days we have been exploring ourselves as individuals.

We have been diving to learn more about our emotions, desires, dreams, limitations, and beliefs, strengths.

Every day we have been asking, again and again: Who am I? Where am I heading? …

Today we are inspired by a bit of a different perspective.

Who am I as a part of a bigger system?

The system of my family? The system of my country? The system of my culture? The system of my football team?

In the morning, many of us had the chance to experience their first systemic constellation.

In the afternoon, we prepare ourselves for the FORUM that is going to happen tonight.

Follow us to learn what happened 🙂

Day 9 Moon and Fire

Our last day together.

What do I want to take with me?

What do I want to leave behind?

We celebrate our successes, our days together, that gave birth to so many stories, art, creativity and love!

This journey is at its end, but there are many more to go.

We explore which are the next opportunities to travel and learn with Abroadship and Erasmus+ 🙂