⛵ Training Course: A Path to Self Care

📌 Location: Tauchen, Austria

⏰ Dates: 8-16 November 2023

👣 Number of participants: 26 participants

🏁 Participating countries: Austria, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Georgia, Italy, Moldova, Poland, Ukraine

🚲 Organizer: Generation Europe (Youth NGO)

🚲 Co-Organizer: Fundacja Młodzi dla Europy (Youth NGO)

🍇 Apply here: Application form

🚦 Deadline to apply: 6 October, 2023

🚦 Date of Selection: 8 October,  2023

📱Inquiries about this training course: Vera Goriunova at gorunovavera@gmail.com

💰💶 Costs

  • Participation fee: none
  • 100% accommodation, food are covered
  • Travel costs:

180€ per participant (210 EUR per participant in case of green travel) for Poland, Italy;
23€ per participant for Austria;
275€ per participant for Cyprus, Moldova.
360€ per participant for Azerbaijan, Georgia;
275€ per participant ( 320 EUR per participant in case of green travel) for Ukraine.

A Path to Self Care

The training course addresses the issue of stress among youth workers and focused on development of their well-being in order to address the quality of educational activities they organise.

Key objectives:

  • equip participants with the theoretical knowledge on the nature of stress
  • provide educators with the stress-management tools for personal everyday use (physical tools, art tools, mindfulness tools, time-management tools)
  • to learn about stress-management tools which can be used in work with young people in order to address their study-related stress and develop their emotional intelligence
  • to train youth workers in using stress-management tools in youth work in different contexts

Participants’ profile:

  • Fluent in English
  • Experience in youth work and active participation in the sending organization activities and work
  • Motivation to participate in 100% of the length of the TC
  • The deep need in stress-management tools due to demanding work conditions
  • Motivation to explore the topic of stress management and address the issue of stress in work and studies with the target groups
  • Openness for and appreciation of non-formal learning process in highly diverse context
  • Commitment to organize a workshop after the TC in the local community as a follow-up
  • Commitment to do dissemination and visibility activities online and offline involvement in creating initiatives and work with young people with fewer opportunities would be a plus