📌 Location: Bucharest, Romania

⏰ Dates: 10-18 December 2022

👣 Number of participants: 29

🏁 Participating countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain

🚲 Organizer: COSI (Civic Orientation and Social Integration) (Youth NGO)

🍇 Apply here: application form

🚦 Deadline to apply:  10 November 2022

🚦 Date of Selection: 11 November 2022

📱 Inquiries about this training course: 

Andrei Sasu

E-Mail: asociatiacosi@gmail.com

Phone: +40763795403

💰💶 Costs:

Participation fee

None for us

Accommodation and food

Everything will be covered. Please check the info-pack for more details.

Travel reimbursement

The reimbursement process will take place after the mobility, within approx. 30 days, to the partner organisation bank account.
However, we will reimburse participants after: collecting all the travel documents (tickets, boarding passes, invoices), filling the reimbursement form, filling the final Mobility Tools online evaluation, and only if the participants were actively involved in the whole duration.

The travel budget limit is 275 Euro per
participant, except Bulgaria and Greece (180
Euro per participant) and Spain and Portugal
(360 Euro per participant).


Active Citizenship through Volunteering project aims to contribute to the promotion of active citizenship through volunteering activities.

Project objectives
1. Improve the communication skills of 29 youth workers during 9 mobility days to promote the importance and benefits of volunteering and to attract new volunteers.

2. Develop a common perspective for the 9 NGOs about the selection process of new volunteers by sharing good practices, examples, jointly finding solutions and ideas during the mobility and create a recruitment guide, during the first 2 months after the mobility.

3. Increase the understanding about active citizenship of 29 youth workers by promoting volunteering, Erasmus+ and ESC as tools for social participation during the 9 mobility days.

4. Build partnerships within the participant NGOs during the duration of the project by creating an online HUB on the topic of active citizenship through volunteering for future projects and develop minimum 3 common projects until 2023.