⛵ Training Course: Against Food Waste – Empower youth and make a change

📌 Location: Lisbon, Portugal

⏰ Dates: 11-15 March 2024

👣 Number of participants: 4 participants

🏁 Participating countries: Portugal, Spain

🚲 Organizer:Utopia Verde (Others)

🍇 Apply here: Application form

After you have filled the application out, send it to: geral@utopiaverde.pt

🚦 Deadline to apply: 31 October , 2023

🚦 Date of Selection: 7 November, 2023

📱Inquiries about this training course: Rita Velhinho at rita.velhinho@utopiaverde.pt

💰💶 Costs

  • Participation fee: none
  • 100% accommodation, food are covered
  • Travel costs:Regarding participants from Portugal, the travel costs (that will be reimbursed) are 23€ per participant (in a distance band from 10-99km)Regarding participants from Spain, the travel costs (that will be reimbursed) are 275€ per participant (in a distance band from 500-1999km)

Against Food Waste – Empower youth and make a change

We are looking for 4 Youth Workers , +18y old with experience working with young people and using non-formal education. We aim to empower YW, fostering training, exchanging experiences, and innovating non-formal methods for sustainable youth empowerment.

The main goal

As our main objective, we have defined the social inclusion of young people in all its aspects, with particular emphasis on decision-making regarding social and environmental changes. The main goal, as well as the needs, will be fulfilled through the specific objectives defined according to SMART logic:
– Promote the development of essential competencies among YWs for improvement, innovation, and higher quality of youth work;
– Promote the exchange of knowledge and experience between peers to strengthen and specialize professionally and in the youth sector;
– Promote non-formal learning opportunities to develop the competencies and capacities of YWs and organizations;
– Stimulate the production of quality results in the youth sector;
– Promote a network of YW specialized and active in the youth sector, environmental sustainability, and social inclusion.

We are looking for

We are looking for 4 Youth Workers over 18 years old, with experience working with young people, including those with fewer opportunities and with expertise in using non-formal education in working with young people. Furthermore, the participants may or may not have experience in mobility projects, Erasmus+Programme, transnational partnerships, or greater or lesser command of English.

The focus methodology

The focus methodology of the Training Course is Non-Formal Educational. The long-term impacts and benefits of participating in the Programme include the following:
– Acquisition of knowledge about the existing opportunities under the Erasmus+ Programme, more knowledge about how to access them, and more knowledge about the active parts in the Programme.
– Acquisition of knowledge about organizations active in youth and transversal sectors and greater recognition of their action with young people.
– Acquisition of sensitivity to the project’s themes and the role of young people in social and environmental change.
– Acquisition of knowledge about extra-formal learning opportunities and greater interest in participating.
– Collaboration between agents and organizations in the youth sector and other transversal sectors.
– Ability, on the part of agents and organizations, to identify challenges in youth and explore practices to solve them.
– Development of youth programs and policies adjusted to the reality of the groups and ability to react and adapt youth policies and programs on a European scale (based on project results).