📌 Location: Galbiate , Italy

⏰ Dates:14-21 November 2022

👣 Number of participants: 28 participants

🏁 Participating countries:Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Spain

🚲 Organizer:Associazione PECO

🍇 Apply here: application form

🚦 Deadline to apply:  10 October 2022

🚦 Date of Selection: 16 October 2022

📱 Inquiries about this training course: E-Mail: exchanges@peco.genova.it

💰💶 Costs:

  • Participation fee: The participation fee still has to be defined, but it won’t be more than 50€
  • Accommodation and food:Food and accommodation will be provided
  • Travel reimbursement:Travel costs will be reimbursed as following:

SPAIN 275€

Embracing Change

The project will focus mainly on building emotional capacity to cope with life changes and how to navigate living in uncertainty.

ASSOCIAZIONE PECO would like to invite youth organizations from European Programme Countries to a project designed to improve the competencies of youth workers in the field of personal development.
Being aware of the negative impact that was brought by the pandemic, we decided to develop a project that would serve the youth workers to improve their competencies needed for dealing with uncertainty, and ambiguity, as well as those needed to support young people in times of transition. The project will focus mainly on building emotional capacity to cope with life changes and how to navigate living in uncertainty.

The main objectives of the training are the following:

  • Developing competencies to support young people in dealing with change and uncertainty
  • Challenging participants to reflect on the concept of change and uncertainty as part of lifelong learning process
  • Developing a deeper understanding of the change process, exploring the feelings and behaviors of the body-mind connection to shift the thinking, attitudes, and direction toward the positive opportunities and outcomes that change can deliver
  • Developing an embracing change mindset that influences young people and supports them to navigate through uncertainty
  • Developing skills to transition effectively through change.