Voluntourism: Mindelo, São Vicente

Location: Mindelo, São Vicente (Cape Verde)

Duration: 1- 4 weeks

Dates: flexible

Open to: anyone from all around the world

Apply here: fill application form + send CV to hello@abroadship.org

Cost: Voluntourism fees

  • 1 week: – €261

  • 2 Weeks – €493

  • 3 Weeks – €696

  • 4 Weeks – €870

What is included in the fee:

  • Airport pick up & drop-off
  • Accommodation
  • Logistic support before the trip
  • Volunteering projects
  • Touristic experiences (personalized and optional) and all the material support throughout the stay

What is not included in the fee:

  • Flight tickets to & from São Vicente *
  • Visa costs
  • Travel insurance
  • Meals **
  • Pocket money
  • Local transport
  • Excursions

* However, we will support throughout the purchasing process
* * except those which are included in the tourist activities

Application process:

  • Fill the Application form and send CV to hello@abroadship.org
  • Find out in 5 days if you are selected
  • Introduce and present yourself via Skype talk
  • Pay the fees (defined above)
  • Sign the placement agreement and send ID document
  • Fill documents and pay a fee for VISA ( if required )
  • Purchase tickets ( we will support in the booking process to find the best flight to São Vicente )
  • Read the infopack and prepare for the adventure of your life!

Questions and inquiriesContact Here

Voluntourism – Mindelo, São Vicente

Download infopack here : Sao Vicente Info Pack

Click to access Sao-Vicente-Info-Pack.pdf

Voluntourism is an amazing opportunity to get to know new places and people, embrace new experiences and be part of our cause. A genuine meeting and sharing with the local community. An unforgettable experience where we feel back to origins.

As you explore the magnificent Island of S. Vicente, Cape Verde and absorb all the culture of the city of Mindelo, you will share affection and help this noble cause of helping the local community and treating these magnificent children.

Volunteering opportunities :

Depending on the profile of each person and their aptitudes in the social and professional areas, we will have an open dialogue to integrate the volunteers in the program where they suit the best.

The preservation of the environment poses increasingly as a pressing aspect in the sustainable tourism. It is common for us to dedicate some time in cleaning the beach and all the paradises we have the chance to visit. It is a crucial matter to educate the local community about environmental preservation and practices.

The access to basic healthcare still is precarious.The volunteers with some experience in the health area would be very beneficial in public health projects held by the community.

In a developing country with a wide human potential, entrepreneurship takes a fundamental role. For those with experience in management, financial and engineering areas we have projects in entrepreneurship and innovation areas.

Social volunteering, of wider range, will be crucial for the development of the communities as well. Sociologists, psychologists, coaching professionals, etc. Would be great assets for the multiple social projects where we are on.

Purpose :

The volunteering project in S. Vicente arises with a strongly defined social responsibility component.

In the first place, this project aims to help to improve the living conditions of the local communities, in a structured and sustainable way, in order to move forward and prevail. In the second place, we privilege the sustainable tourism and we want to offer a unique experience to people who intend to embrace this cause, without a high financial cost. By participating in the voluntary activities already a way of helping, as people will be contributing to the project through their work and engagement.

Love, dedication, and sharing will be as important as the time spent in the project, and it will have a direct impact on the state of mind of the needed locals. It will be a very transparent way of helping, in which we see our money and hard work be reinforced with the purpose of building a more fair society within the communities.


What kind of experiences you will acquire?

  • Cape Verdian traditional lunch/dinner, prepared by a local person in open fire. The dish is tempered with a pinch of love and affection
  • Traditional Dances (Kizomba, Coladeira and Funána) and Crioulo lessons for beginners. In case you are dance lover and want to experience the local rhythms, the chance to join a class for free will be given. In particular, it is an excellent opportunity for those who want to learn how to “tarraxar” (dance move)! If you also like to learn the local language, learning Crioulo (a local dialect driven from the official portuguese language) will make you love the island even more!
  • Visit Monte Verde the higher point in the São Vicente´s island.
  • Explore Fateja a secret beach hidden behind Monte Cara.
  • Santo Antão In a two – day experience, the voluntourist has the opportunity to make a few outings with a local guide.  Please note that accommodation in Santo Antão is not included.
  • Calhau, Salamansa and Baía das Gatas are some commonly seek neighboring cities from Mindelo. In this experience, the voluntourist, duly accompanied by a local guide, will visit all these places in an 8 – hour tour, taking some time to rest, dive, contemplate the view and have a magnificent lunch included. Prepare yourself to enjoy the Salamansa’s sweet and salty crepes!
  • São Vicente’s Carnival move people from all over the world! They use to say that is the 2º bigger Carnival of the world, after Brazil! Starting in January until March, it includes the “Mandinga” and ends with the stunning strolls.

It will be an unforgettable experience. Come open-hearted and let the magic enter!

In case of any additional questions feel free to contact us :  Contact Here