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Abroadship is a centre of learning through mobility. Abroadship focuses on youth and particularly British youth to enhance their opportunities abroad and travel lean. Abroadship is a non-profit initiative from London, UK.

Our desire and mission is to encourage you to become world’s citizen with tolerance, sympathy and empathy towards different cultures, with understanding and appreciation of environment, with knowledge of interdependence, connection and benefits of collaboration.

We strive to create tools, provide information, organize events, training courses, exchange programs and in all ways possible enhance benefiting from being abroad. We want you to be more abroad-intelligent by:

  • traveling abroad
  • exchanging abroad
  • studying abroad
  • working abroad
  • training abroad
  • living abroad
  • finding friends abroad
  • collaborating abroad

Join the traveling revolution!

Abroadship is here to facilitate your personal journey abroad. We are here to help with your personal development, so please use Abroadship as:

  • Receiving and sending organisation for Erasmus+ projects: trainings, youth exchanges and other projects
  • Information stop for taking a trip abroad
  • Intermediary organisation
  • Blog about traveling and opportunities abroad
  • Consultancy on traveling abroad possibilities
Abroadship and erasmus+

Abroadship and erasmus+

Abroadship was established in April 2015 after being inspired by unforgettable, but not easily found (hidden?) opportunities abroad. Founder Justinas was lucky to attend numerous training courses in Lithuania, Denmark, Poland, Turkey, Italy, UK, Norway and Brazil. Mostly it was done through Erasmus+ programme and Asha centre in the UK. Justinas decided not only to share opportunities with others, but also to create new opportunities.