Programme: Gravity Jam

Summary: Character Development Programme – A British Council Active Citizen Project

Led by: Kristine Grigule, Lucinda Miedema, Elena Baions, Justinas Brikys

For whom: for colleges to hire us

Target group: college students, aged 16+

Time: 1 or 2 days programme, arranged in advance. Could be done on any of the week days, including weekends. For the workweek days, please arrange early in advance.

Location: we do the programme on the premises of the colleges

Pricing: it is FREE of charge in the development phase

Contact for more information:

Gravity Jam

Gravity Jam is a sustainable Character Development Programme, for college students focused on enhancing navigation skills regarding professional and personal life choices. This Programme targets SMSC OFSTED requirements in three stages: Self-Awareness, Reality Mapping (relationship to myself, others and environment) and training practical skills.

Realised in collaboration with The British Council on a UK scale and we are leading the South of England Team.

Our Aim

The aim of the project is to contribute to the young person’s general wellbeing: becoming a competent (authentic and autonomous), moral (for yourself and your environment) and happy (flourishing in everyday life) agent.

Who Are We?

We are four professionals with competencies and experiences in developing curricula and frameworks for civic/moral/character/peace education, teacher training, lecturing, doctoral research in moral character development, entrepreneurship, Erasmus+ non formal education facilitation and with NGOS working with young people.

Our Proposal

We offer a Character Development Programme with two variations: one day workshop or two day workshop, both including follow-ups. The follow-ups represent the sustainable aspect of the programme, supporting the students with integrating the newly acquired competencies.

1 Day Workshop

Session (approx. 1.5 h)  


1 Self-Awareness (Past)

Introduction and creation of safe space


What are your core values?
2 Reality Mapping (Present) Are those values represented in your everyday situations and choices?
3 Reality Mapping (Present) and Practical Skills (Future) What direction would I like to go to?

What skills do you need in order to practice your most important values?

4 Practical Skills for Navigating the Future How to make your personal and professional decisions. Who do you want to be?