Abroadship.org supports the participatory process, involving as many as possible of those (called stakeholders), who are affected by or have an interest in our activities and vision. Likewise, we take care to subtly blend into the ecosystem of many other interests. We believe that involving different stakeholders leads to a better process, greater community support, more ideas on the table, a better understanding of the community context and a more effective effort.

There are many parties involved in the activities we implement, but our key stakeholders are:

  • Youth, who are eager to participate in the learning through mobility projects
  • Partners from UK and other countries, who apply and implement the projects with us
  • National Agencies for Erasmus+ Programme, particularly British Council, which acts for United Kingdom territory
  • Environment – silent, but very important element of our well being.

We want to consider and reflect on following interests: Economics (an employment training program might improve economic prospects for low-income people, for example), Social (change – an effort to improve racial harmony could alter the social climate for members of both the racial or ethnic minority and the majority), Work (involving workers in decision-making can enhance work life and make people more satisfied with their jobs), Time (flexible work hours, relief programs for care-givers, parental leave, and other efforts that provide people with time for leisure or taking care of the business of life can relieve stress and increase productivity), Environment (protection of open space, conservation of resources, attention to climate change, and other environmental efforts can add to everyday life), Physical health (free medical facilities and other similar programs provide a clear benefit for low-income people and can improve community health), Safety and security (neighborhood watch programs, better policing in high-crime neighborhoods, work safety initiatives – all of these and many other efforts can improve safety for specific populations or for the community as a whole), Mental health (community mental health centers and adult day care can be extremely important not only to people with mental health issues, but also to their families and to the community as a whole).