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Internship / Volunteering – Alabuga International School: Russia

Internship / Volunteering: International School to work with children aged from 2 to 12 years old Location: Yelabuga city, Russia Dates: 1 – 6 months : Initially starting with 1 month Extending to 6 months With a possibility to extend… Continue Reading →

Volunteering – Port of Call – Athens, Greece

Volunteering: Port of Call Location: Athens, Greece Dates: 15 Oct – 15 Dec 2020 (2 months) Number of participants: 18 Participating countries: Erasmus+ programme countries Organizer: Iasis Apply here: application form Deadline to apply: 15th of September 2020 Inquiries about this training course: esc@iasismed.eu Costs: This… Continue Reading →

12-month volunteering project: The Balkan Highway – from unemployment through volunteering to social entrepreneurship – Bulgaria

12-month volunteering project: The Balkan Highway: from unemployment through volunteering to social entrepreneurship Location: Plovdiv, Bulgaria Dates: Summer-Autumn 2020 – Spring-Summer 2021 Participating countries: Any country Apply here: Application form Number of participants: 5 Organizer: Smokinya Foundation Deadline to apply: 1… Continue Reading →

Volunteering Opportunity – English Teaching – Panama

Volunteering opportunity: English Teaching Location: Pedasi, Panama Duration: 4-12 weeks Dates: all year Apply here: fill Application form + send CV to hello@abroadship.org Cost: The overall cost of this program is dependent on the duration of your stay: 4 weeks: €1,900 6 weeks: €2,300 8 weeks:… Continue Reading →

24 Volunteering NGOs To Make A Difference In The World

Do you have a passion for civil work? Does your resume lack volunteering experiences? Have you run out of NGOs in your country? The solution is easy all you have to do is to register in one of these NGOs… Continue Reading →

How to become a volunteer and go to Italy for a year

How it all began Today i will show you how to become a volunteer and go to Italy for a year. Through the language, I fell in love with Italy and, having learned of the existence of the European Voluntary… Continue Reading →

Volunteer opportunities to get something that cannot be bought for money

The most important volunteer opportunities are a wonderful sense of helping those in need. Volunteering is a way to get what you cannot buy. A volunteer is a person who, on his own will, decided to devote his time to… Continue Reading →

Personal development through volunteering

Personal development through volunteering is one of the sources in which you can develop your conversational abilities. follow us on facebook Meet new people and, in addition, you can participate in various events that will help you enrich your general culture. Although… Continue Reading →

Analysis on the Future of Volunteering 

In a society in constant transformation that understood the importance and benefits of voluntary activities requires a detailed analysis on the Future of Volunteering .  What are the trends in volunteering?  As a result of the work of sociologists, social workers or NGO managers,… Continue Reading →

4 new places to volunteer

Volunteering in the world is not just a work done to protect the environment or support certain humanitarian actions. follow us on facebook But also the opportunity to discover new cultures and tourist destinations. Here are some exciting opportunities for… Continue Reading →

All what you need know about volunteer abroad programs

Volunteer abroad programs are not just charitable activities, they are a state of mind!  To become a member of a volunteer project means not just seeing the world, but trying to make it better, brighter and kinder! follow us on… Continue Reading →

What is volunteering and the way will it happen?

What is volunteering? Volunteering may be a work that’s administered on a voluntary basis and doesn’t imply a financial reward. follow us on facebook The precise date of the birth of such Associate in Nursing approach is not possible to… Continue Reading →

Volunteering Abroad for the first time

We are sure that this post is read not only by “experienced” volunteers. But also by those who are just curious who have never traveled to the project and can not decide to take the first step. All those who… Continue Reading →

UN Volunteers Program

You can help people with your knowledge, skills, and time by becoming a UN volunteers. This is an opportunity to make a contribution to peace and development. The UN offers 3 types of volunteer activities: Volunteering abroad Volunteering in the… Continue Reading →

The benefits of volunteering for us

One of the most common benefits of volunteering is the impact it has on the community. Volunteers are the key to community unification. Moreover, it is a win-win situation: people contribute to the achievement of a common goal. People should… Continue Reading →

EVS – Daring 2.0 – Croatia

EVS: Daring 2.0 Location: Zagreb, Croatia Dates: 2018/04/01 -2019/03/31 Number of participants: 5 Participating countries: Italy, Lithuania, Macedonia, Spain and Greece Organizer: Syncro-Synergy Croatia Apply here: application form Deadline to apply: 21th January 2018 Inquiries about this training course: synergy@synergy-croatia.com, syncroevsdaring2.0@synergy-croatia.com Costs:… Continue Reading →

EVS – Social Changmakers – Greece

EVS: Social Changemakers Location: Athens, Greece Dates: 1st March 2018 – 28th February 2019 (12 months) Number of participants: 6 Participating countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Spain, Latvia, Italy Organizer: Solidarity Mission Apply here: application form Deadline to apply: Immediate acceptance,… Continue Reading →

European Voluntary Service (EVS) Volunteering Opportunity For 1 Romanian – UK

Location: Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England Duration: 10 months Placement Dates: 2nd October 2017 – 3rd August 2018 Participating Countries: Estonia, France, Germany, Spain, Romania, Greece, Slovenia, Czech Republic Travel Costs: Project funding covers up to a maximum total of… Continue Reading →

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