Opportunity: Happy Mexico

Location: Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico


1th July – 30th July 2022

1th August – 30th August 2022

Number of participants: 10 for each date

Participating countries: any

Apply here: application form

Date of Selection: immediately, if you are right candidate

Inquiries about this course: Justinas at hello@abroadship.org

Programme fee: €150/£130/$170 paid immediately and €450 payable upon your arrival in Morelia, Mexico

What is covered:

  • Accommodation in a host Mexican family or hostel
  • Meals, at least one meal is covered.
  • 16 hrs Salsa lesson, 24 hrs Spanish skills
  • Transportation to the activities
  • Pick-up from the Morelia airport
  • 2 cultural experiences (trips, gastronomical experience etc.)
  • Mexican Friend Program (buddy)

What is not covered:

  • Flight tickets
  • Covid19 related costs (Mexico doesn’t require a green certificate or a PCR test at the moment but some airlines do – check when you buy the tickets)
  • Visa expenses (for most European countries this is not the case)
  • Health insurance (highly recommended but not necessary)
  • Activities you do in your leisure time


  • Be older than 18 years old
  • Have a good health
  • Intermediate English
  • Basic Spanish – appreciated
  • Fill in the online form
  • Medical insurance (recommended)
  • Sign the contract of responsabilities
  • Have a real motivation for participating in the project

Happy Mexico

Infopack: 05-2023-Experience-Summer-Happy-Mexico.pdf

Click to access 05-2023-Experience-Summer-Happy-Mexico.pdf.pdf


The project is done in collaboration with local partners with the objective of providing to our participants skills to improve/learn Spanish.The cultural immersion will allow the participants get intercultural competences.

Plus, with this program the trainee will have access to 2 cultural experiences that may be related to gastronomy, visiting historical towns in Michoacán and more.

For faster cultural immersion the participant will be assigned a buddy (friend) for the whole duration of the program.

What we expect from you

Participants are expected to be over 18 years old, have a real motivation for taking part in a multicultural project, intermediate English skills and a friendly attitude, open to meeting new cultures.

During the project we encourage participants to try to adapt to the local customs and to act in a way that can be considered friendly towards the cultures, environment and the way of living of the host community.

How to apply to Happy Mexico?

Fill the application form here: APPLY