📌 Location: Sattenhausen, Germany

⏰ Dates:8-17 November 2022

👣 Number of participants: 24

🏁 Participating countries:Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Spain

🚲 Organizer: EDEN (Germany)

🍇 Apply here: application form

🚦 Deadline to apply:  21 October 2022

🚦 Date of Selection: 26 October 2022

📱 Inquiries about this training course: E-Mail: caro.a-r@hotmail.de

💰💶 Costs:

  • Participation fee

A contribution that scales from 60 to 120 EUR will be collected from the participants in cash upon arrival. This contribution will help us in our efforts, mainly for materials, facilitation, boarding and adequate preparation of the whole experience.

  • Accommodation and food

The boarding and lodging are provided and covered by the Erasmus+ Programme.

  • Travel reimbursement

The travel reimbursement limit is:

-530 EUR for Spain

-275 EUR for Italy, Romania, Estonia, Latvia, Greece, France

-20 EUR for Germany.

Holistic training course for prevention of violence

Pre-Violence is an 8-day experiential, non-conventional and playful initiative, where 24 youth workers from 8 countries will develop a preventive approach on conflicts and violence among their beneficiaries.


With this project we will address the need for a detailed understanding of different types of violence and how the sources of conflicts are creating aggression, abuse, trauma and battering. As being engaged with a large variety of groups, at both local and international level, the promoters of this project identified that a large part of the activities delivered for young people do not include a preventive dimension towards abusive and violent behavioral patterns.

The methodology touches three dimensions of the learning process: knowledge, practical experience and reflective evaluation. Encouraging systemic thinking, the process will propose three perspectives of understanding violence: visualizing its complexity, verbalizing and expressing it.


Expect to have a playful and experiential working week with a wide range of methods, from research-based tasks to fully artistic sessions, guided in a safe learning space. We will mix text reading, meditation, contact making improvisation, body expressivity and communication, analysis, reflection, trauma research, emotional expression through theatre, empathic approach through movement, introspection, trust making and trust challenges, community growth.

Be ready to share, assimilate what others will provide, reflect on the experience every working day. The daily agenda is divided in four working sessions, with a total of 6 hours and a lunch break of two hours.

Objectives of the project:

  • Preparing 24 professional youth workers with competences for perceiving, discerning and countering the manifestation of violent acts;
  • Transferring a set of methods regarding the occurrence of violent acts;
  • Increased level of dexterity in application of holistic facilitation in the participants’ work;
  • Supporting a community of youth workers who could work and build together new initiatives in the topic of preventive work on violence.

Who is this project for?

The project is designed for youth workers, volunteers and other people who work with people with fewer opportunities on a daily basis. We aim to have an overall number of 24 participants from Romania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Greece, namely 3 from each country.

Our final goal is that the participants will upgrade their working approach in a way that would allow them to recognise, prevent and counter a wider range of violent behavioral patterns in their work. The minimum age limit is 18, without any other limitation. A good command of English is desirable.

Follow-up activities

We will support participants to imagine, devise and plan an international activity following the topic and methodology used in the Training Course. Also, we expect the participants to contribute to the communication and dissemination activities (to be discussed during the week).

Some logistics

We will have four daily sessions, a morning administrative moment (taking care of our space and surroundings, we call it Karma Yoga ☺) and a daily reflection time. Evenings are free, but we have some plans to have fun and we will. Two coffee breaks and three meals will be provided on the spot. Every day, I mean. And fruits. And plenty of fresh air. The tap water is drinkable.

Location: The training course will take place in the small village of Sattenhausen in the center of Germany. We will be accommodated in a half-timbered house with modern, simple equipment and  shared rooms with bunk beds. The village is surrounded by a lush forest and field landscape that will allow us to revitalize our bodies and spirits and is a source of inspiration and stillness.

Venue: http://sattenhausen.de/freizeitheim.html

Before booking your transportation, please ask for our confirmation. We may not be charged with any travel costs that are not confirmed by us. We strongly advise you to book your transportation in a way that you can arrive in Sattenhausen before 19:00 on 08th Nov.

There are six airports that you can check for flights:

Stuttgart: 3 hours away by train or minibus

Dortmund: 3 hours away by train or minibus

Frankfurt: 3 hours away by train or minibus

Nurnberg: 4-5 hours away by train or minibus

Dusseldorf: 4-5 hours away by train or bus

Berlin: 3 hours away by bus

Plus many other options, all in Germany. Please plan with attention to your travel plan.

All the information needed are included in the attached infopack.

In order to apply for this training course, please fill this form, as an initial step in being selected.

Infopack:Pre-Violence – Infopack 2022_Updated_3úä

Download the PDF file .