Our team has prepared for you 7 volunteer vacations in the US in which you would like to participate.

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Caring for the Bugs in Florida

Deadline: year round

What is offered: take care of the safety of moving sea turtles

To: all not indifferent to the state of wildlife

Cost and duration: participation in the program is free, but there is an opportunity to make donations of $ 5.

The duration of volunteer vacations is up to you.

volunteer vacations in the USA
Sea Turtle Conservancy– a public organization that has been taking care of sea turtles for several years. 

Volunteers usually track the presence of turtle nests on the shore and in every possible way protect them – both from wild animals and from the people themselves. 

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He is also responsible for monitoring the lighting of the territories adjacent to the beaches so that the creeping turtle is noticed in time in the dark and not crippled.

You can register and get detailed information here.

Appalachian assistants

Deadline: year round

What is offered: lodging, meals, hiking in the ridges of the Appalachians

To: sociable people with higher education and knowledge of English

Cost and duration: volunteer vacations, on average, the change lasts 12 weeks

volunteer vacations in the USA
Appalachian Trail – one of the longest hiking routes in the world, 2.175 miles long, from Maine to Georgia. 

The main task of the volunteer is to care for the tourist paths.

To monitor their clean and cross-country ability, to coordinate the work of the camp. 

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Each job description contains the name and phone number of the curator. 

It is advised to first call him and tell about himself, and then apply. 

So the chances of getting into the program will increase.

You can get acquainted with the detailed information and apply here.


Wild Horse Rescue in Florida
Deadline: year round

What is offered: accommodation on the ranch, three meals a day and horseback riding

To: non-smoking wildlife lovers from 18 years old and non-allergic to animals

Cost and duration: from 2 ($ 1495) to 8 weeks ($ 4195)

volunteer vacations in the USA
If you love horses, this volunteer vacations is for you. 
Your tasks will include cleaning and caring for unbroken mustangs, cleaning in stalls, assistance in organizing events, training tourists in proper communication with animals. 
As a bonus – horseback riding through the ranch and adjacent territories, between the forest and the ocean shore.

Spring program for students in Los Angeles

Deadline: December 14, 2016

What is offered: accommodation, career development seminars, lectures, city tours and even surfing lessons

To: students

Cost and duration: 8499 $ for 8 weeks

volunteer vacations in the USA
A whole block of volunteer vacations, from seminars and lectures to walking on the beach and tours of Hollywood. 

Here you will get valuable practical skills, ranging from proper resume writing and ending with surfing.

For the most gifted, there is an opportunity to get a loan to study at a local college, there are also options with employment. 

Directions to choose from: advertising, event planning, tourism, fashion, finance, graphic design.

You can register here.

Fashionable internships in New York

Deadline: year round

What is offered: cooperation with leading world brands, participation in the organization of fashion shows, photo shoots

To: those who are crazy about the fashion-industry, from 18 years

Cost and duration: depends on the duration of the internship – from 4 weeks (950$ ) to six months (1830$)

volunteer vacations in the USA
Depending on which event from the set schedule you want to get, count the deadline for submitting the questionnaire. 

The hottest dates are seasonal fashion weeks. 

You will be offered a loyal price, depending on which apartment you prefer to live in and which transport to use. 

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Here you will see how famous fashion designers and photographers work, learn how to manage time and organize shows. 

And the experience gained will help in the development of your career in the fashion-industry.

You can register and get more information. here.

“Volunteers for Peace” – any part-time work across America

Deadline: year round

What they offer: work in various fields – from building houses to social support. Lists are constantly updated.

To: active people from 18 years.

Cost and duration: approximately 500$ for 2-3 weeks

Program participants are mostly residents of America and Canada, but if you are in another country – there will be no obstacles. 
Read the information on the site, they will tell you what to do in this case. 
You should submit an application at least one month before the end of registration, otherwise you will have to pay extra $ 100 for speeding up the application processing.

“United Planet” – helping those in need in Boston

Deadline: year round

What is offered: homestay, breakfast and dinner, excursions, transportation costs and a T-shirt with a logo

To: 18 years old, experience in the social sphere will be a plus

Cost and duration: from a week (1,865$ ) to a month (3,195$ )

Work in the US social sector, aimed at helping poor families, difficult teens and homeless. 

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If you want to study English more intensively – you can take lessons for an additional fee. 

Since this program is designed for cultural exchange, only participants from other countries are accepted.

Flight to the USA and home – at your expense.

Fill out the form and get more information here.